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You're committed to your personal growth by reading books, meditating, and doing affirmations, but you feel something is missing. Surround yourself with the right Visual Elements and...

Let the Magic Happen!

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01 | Live Your Alchemy

Make your Self-Development Journey Work Like Magic

Sages and monks have always used sacred geometry mandalas and symbols to improve their focus and inner peace, reaching higher states of consciousness. These potent Visual Energies help you:

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Enhance your
Meditation Practice

Sacred geometry is the mathematics that organizes life. Symbols and mandalas that use this geometry help balance your cerebral hemispheres, generating a great sense of well-being and focus.


Improve your
Affirmations Practice

The eyes are the biggest intakes of energy. When you hear about an event, it doesn't affect your emotions as much as when you see it. Combine these 2 senses for much more effective results.


Reprogram your
Limiting Beliefs

Sacred geometry is the language of the universe, while symbols are the unconscious language. By accessing your unconscious mind with the Right Symbols, you remember who you truly are - an Unlimited Being.


Awaken your

Chakras are related to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Above all, they are the gateway to your true essence. And yes, the chakras can be visually stimulated!


Beautify your

Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world and vice versa. When you commit to uplifting your environment, you positively affect everyone around you, fulfilling your most noble life's purpose.

(*) Although I use scientific knowledge in this work, none of these statements have been analyzed by the FDA or any other regulatory body. Therefore, none of these are designed to diagnose or offer medical advice. You may choose to use or not the information presented here. As usual, always consult your General Practitioner or Hospital if you need urgent treatment or advice. This may fall under a class I type of device or a general health benefit app or program. As per FDA guidelines, they do not intend to regulate medical or biological information. This work exists to present information to you and will never diagnose any of your conditions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the proper symbol is worth a thousand positive affirmations!

02 | Sacred Geometry + Alchemy

Visual Alchemy

Hi, I'm Roberto Elumina. Through Alchemy, I unlocked several traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs. Consequently, I found my life purpose and ways to live a fulfilling life.

Although Alchemy is a process of profound self-knowledge, it requires study, dedication, and practice. I create art pieces to speed up your self-realization process. We, as humans, are being called to change the current paradigm. Thus, we need you in your total capacity as quickly as possible.

Shine your Light

03 | Limitless You

Alchemy Ritual

Each art piece I create carries energy to clear a limiting belief. Therefore, in each one, I propose a different affirmation that will work on your unconscious mind through one of your 7 main chakras. This is how it works:

Sit comfortably in front of the chosen artwork, breathe deep, and think about its proposed affirmation. Then, open your eyes and feel the energetic exchange of the symbol with its corresponding Chakra. Focus on the artwork for at least 3 minutes.

Repeat the ritual for at least 21 days. After this period, you will continue to receive its energy just by living with it.

Experience the Energy

04 | Holistic Transformation

You Buy an Artwork,
I Plant a Tree

I'm part of the "Plant A Tree" initiative, and for every order you make, I plant a tree. Hence when you commit to living your true essence, I plant a tree. Together we transform the world.

Let's Beautify the World

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


05 | Science & Spirituality

The Secrets of Alchemy

The alchemists spent thousands of years researching the relationship between human beings and the universe. This knowledge has always been a secret. But, we are in a time when it can be revealed.

Besides the transformative art, I share valuable information, so you become your best version. Knowledge is power!

Enlighten your Life

When you're a conscious being, anything you encounter has been created to make you more conscious. If you're an unconscious being, anything you encounter is likely to create more unconscious responses.

Matt Kahn

06 | About

Who's Behind the Veil?

My alchemy mentors, Hélio Couto and Stefano Gradi helped me connect spiritually with Pythagoras, Nefertiti, Akhenaten, and Paracelsus to develop the method I'm sharing with you.

My Story