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Some people believe they are destined to suffer, living in scarcity, stress, and toxic relationships. While others live in peace, abundance, and joy.

What sets them apart?
Successful people know and live their life purpose.

Self-Actualization with Mandalas & SymbolsSelf-Actualization with Mandalas & SymbolsRoberto Elumina: Self-Actualization with Mandalas & SymbolsSelf-Actualization with Mandalas & Symbols

01 | Finding Purpose

Live Your Alchemy

Hi, I’m Roberto Elumina. Through Alchemy, I unlocked several traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs. Consequently, I found my life purpose and ways to live a fulfilling life.

Alchemy is a process of profound self-knowledge, and it requires study, dedication, and practice. Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, and Chakra System are alchemists’ essential tools for total internal transformation.

Undoubtedly, meditation is the most crucial self-development practice. Without the ability to calm your mind, you’ll never be able to connect to your true self.

Alchemy is not magic; it won’t make you superhuman by drinking a magical elixir. The Holy Grail is inside of you, ready to be awakened.

Awaken your Superpowers

Wall Art as Personal Development Tool
Visual Alchemy by Roberto Elumina

02 | Art of Meditation

Awakening your
Divine Superpowers

Maybe you’ve tried meditation and think it isn’t for you. Don’t worry – many people have similar stories! I also struggled to do it right.

My meditation practice improved when I learned that sages and monks have always used sacred geometry mandalas and symbols to reach higher states of consciousness.

Sacred geometry is the language of the universe, while symbols are the unconscious language. By accessing your unconscious mind, you understand who you are and remember your true predestination.

I create sacred geometry mandalas and archetypal symbols to help you access your unconscious mind. Connect to your true essence, and why not beautify your home and office.

Let the Magic Happen!

03 | The Ritual

Visual Alchemy

Each art piece I create carries energy to clear a limiting belief. Therefore, in each one, I propose a different affirmation that will work your unconscious mind through one of your 7 main chakras. This is how it works:

Sit comfortably in front of the chosen artwork, breathe deep, and think about its proposed affirmation. Then, open your eyes and feel the energetic exchange of the symbol with its corresponding Chakra. Focus on the artwork for at least 3 minutes.

Repeat the ritual for at least 21 days. After this period, you will continue to receive its energy just by living with it.

Experience this Energy

Visual Alchemy by Roberto Elumina
Visual Alchemy by Roberto Elumina
Judgment - Elumina Symbols
In Alignment - Nefertiti Symbols
Lotus Flower Poster - Elumina Symbols
Buy an Artwork, Plant a Tree!

04 | Transmuting Reality

You Buy an Artwork,
I Plant a Tree

I’m part of the “Plant A Tree” initiative, and for every art sold, I plant a tree. Hence when you commit to living your life’s mission, I plant a tree. Together we transform the world.

Beautify the World!

05 | Science & Spirituality

The Art of Alchemy

The alchemists spent thousands of years researching the relationship between human beings and the universe. This knowledge has always been a secret. But, we are in a time when it can be revealed.

Besides the transformative art, I share valuable information, so you become your best version. Knowledge is power!

Enlighten your Life

Elumina Blog: a place to investigate the brains' mysteries, the deep meaning of symbols, and find inspiration on the most creative minds.`
I'm spiritually connected to Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Nefertiti, and Akhenaten to create the symbols and mandalas.

06 | About

Who’s Behind
the Veil?

My alchemy mentors, Hélio Couto and Stefano Gradi helped me connect spiritually with: Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Nefertiti, Akhenaten, and Paracelsus to develop the method I want to share with you.

My Story

07 | Newsletter

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