9 Free “Washed & Worn” Aged T-Shirt Distressed Effect Textures

Download for free this distressed effect Photoshop friendly textures in .jpeg that can also be used as an easy distressed effect Illustrator tool.

I was once swiped out of a house’s entrance gate by a very determined old lady and her equally efficient broom. Looking back, I find it hard to blame her, as I grew up in one of the craziest dangerous world’s megalopolis. Man, do people have reasons to get suspicious… But what did I do to be the victim of such gruesome act? Well, my partner in crime and I were trying to snap some close-up shots of her wall, in hope of acquiring a new addition to our ultimate texture collection. True story. Her wall had a cool, cool texture, perfect for distressed effect textures.

Thing is, this was the early 2000s and we worked as print designers. We were just desperate to catch a breath on the surface of the never-ending ocean of glitter, puffs, pink and (god, all that pink) Paris-Hiltonesque-fashion drowning the beginning of that decade (here is something to refresh your memory, if you think I’m exaggerating). Yep, just two Pearl Jam fans hopelessly attempting to bring back a tiny resemblance of what were the golden grunge years – we were determined to distress the shit out of our print designs.

Luckily, some genius invented Pinterest and smart people popularized online Market Places and these days it’s quite easier to find ready packs of effect textures. Not so easy to find good ones though… That’s why today we’re sharing this awesome finding: 9 Free “Washed & Worn” Aged T-Shirt Distressed Effect Textures.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]The Author Cris Spooner explains how to properly use them in Photoshop by creating a layer mask instead of just using the textures to erase the bits of the design you want to distress. Another user also explained that you can also effectively use these textures in Illustrator by applying raster images as opacity masks without the need to live-trace them.

I’ve been busy painting, scrunching and distressing pieces of fabric to produce a range of surface textures that mimic the appearance of old aged t-shirts with faded prints. These 9 digital textures help you to transform your clean artwork into retro style graphics with realistic distressing where the ink has flaked away from being washed and worn over many years. – Cris Spoon

This free Washed & Worn aged t-shirt effect texture collection contains 9 images, each with a unique natural distressed appearance. At a huge 4500x3000px 300ppi resolution they can even be used to create realistic aged effects in your apparel design projects, where ‘Direct to Garment’ printing can replicate that same vintage aesthetic as your favorite old t-shirt, but with the texturing digitally applied straight to the artwork.

Files: JPEG
Author: Cris Spoon from the Spoongraphics
Size: 108.6 MB

Download for free this distressed effect Photoshop friendly textures in .jpeg that can also be used as an easy distressed effect Illustrator tool.

Tatiana Bastos

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