We always dreamed about a place where

there are lots of creative people

collaboration means more than competition

inspiration is our fuel and is shared as quick as data traveling among last generation processors

Transitioning from the left to the right side of the brain

Like really, have you ever imagined, back then when you were a kid scribbling the living room wall, not even realizing your mom was screaming out of her lungs (it’s called transitioning to the right side of the brain by the way) that one day we would be calling online stuff “places”?

But yes, here we are. We’ve got Market Places, Online Shops, Social Media, Online Supermarkets. Travel Agents, Personal Blogs, Infinite Lists-articles. But there are also tools, tips, tutorials, templates, free downloads, cats, unicorns and Scottish twitter. The internet is a vast ocean of possibilities, we all know that. But come on people, we are millennials! We are naturally trained to find different solutions for outdated systems. And we are designers! We were made to add value to these solutions.

Love and good design is all we need

So for us at Elumina, the value is love. Right, you're thinking, there we go, unveil the cheap cliche already. ‘Cause love is an exceedingly overrated word these days. But think about it. How much do you care for what you do? How much do you appreciate every time that you learn something new about say, Photoshop, or when you find a super source of mockups or when you uncover someone’s astounding work and think to yourself “one day”. Or... when you make something that you're god damn proud of.

That’s what we LOVE about Design: it is a never-ending source of endorphin. And we can make money from it. And we make the world better and more functional and more beautiful with it. Everybody wins.

So we had this dream… And just as Amy Winehouse couldn’t find music that rang her bells so she went and made it, we made a place for us to be inspired and inspire others. We have a blast researching and sharing inspiration, business experiences, productivity tips and tools, freebies, you name it. And we want you to do so too.

By teaching,
we learn.

Elumina has a humble aspiration of becoming a community where everyone can share. By teaching, we learn. We invite you to be a contributor and share your articles and design goodnesses with us and with every fellow designer out there. (Cause yeah, we also don’t know everything. Ha! Truly, we would appreciate some help here!) 😉

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Roberto Simões

Natural-born designer-entrepreneur ran for 11 years Elumina Design Studio in São Paulo. There, he also led the creation of South America's first Web TV platform. After selling the platform decided to leave everything behind and explore the world. Joined forces with Tatiana to start this blog and restart Elumina's activities in Berlin. More...

Tatiana Bastos

From a small child knew to be taken head over feet by fine arts, illustration, and photography. After years traveling the globe while living on an inspiring island at the center of the blue Aegean Sea, in Greece, settled to be based on electric Berlin, Germany. More...

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