Astrology Tarot Readings A powerful tool for your personal development journey

You are here for a reason! You are ready to take control of your life, right? Let me introduce the Astrology Tarot, an Alchemy personal development tool that transformed my life. I'm sure it will do the same to you.

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How Astrology Tarot is transforming lives?

Each Tarot session brings more clarity about who I am and what to do to live my dream life.

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It is so liberating to understand my limiting beliefs and reprogram my life!

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Roberto tapped into areas of my unconscious mind that I'd never understand.

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Why Astrology Tarot Method?

The Astrology Tarot is an Alchemy personal development practice. It was created by the alchemist Nicolas Flamel in the 14th century and is still in use in the Secret School of Alchemy.

The Astrology Tarot combines the energy of 12 Zodiac Archetypes, 7 planets, 4 elements, 3 substances, and 7 chakras. When the Tarot card symbolism is in tune with these energies, it provides a complete picture of your personality and potential. Benefits:

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Understand your Moment

The Astrology Tarot reading is all about the present moment; above all, it's not fortune-telling or future predictions. By comprehending your moment, you understand your past decisions and can create strategies to change your future.

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Understand your True Essence

To grow in life, it's crucial to understand and master your unconscious mind. If you ignore what's inside you, you will look outside for solutions. All the answers are inside you, and the Astrology Tarot is an efficient tool to bring clarity about your true essence.

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Balance your Chakras

Your Chakra system is the portal that connects your mental, emotional, and physical body with Gaia and the Universe. Immediately after the reading, we understand how each Chakra is vibrating and what's missing for you to live your full potential.

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Practical Solutions

By detecting your weakest Chakra in addition to the Tarot card's messages, we can discuss activities you can do to recover its energy. Strengthening your most ailing Chakra will help you use the other Chakras more efficiently, improving your quality of life.

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What's Astrology Tarot?

Now that you know that an alchemist created the Tarot as a personal development tool and its benefits let's understand what Alchemy is and some key aspects of the Astrology Tarot.

Contrary to popular belief, Alchemy's direct focus is to understand the relationship between humans and the universe. When you know how the universe around you affects your life, you can work in syntony with it.

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This is the true meaning of turning lead into gold, the key that unlocks your connection to your infinite being. How powerful is that!

Alchemy is the key that unlocks all doors.

Carl Jung

The mix of the 12 Zodiac Archetypes and its 7 planets creates your personality and potential for you to live your life's purpose.

Moreover, the alchemists understood that these astral energies enter you through the Chakra System. Therefore, each Zodiac Sign and corresponding planet connects to you through a specific Chakra.

Besides the Chakras being portals that receive the energies from the Zodiac, they also receive the force of the 4 Elements from Gaia.

This ensures the Chakras' optimal functioning and utilization of your full potential so that you have all the resources to fulfill your life purpose. Only by living your life's mission, you feel the peace, harmony, love, and joy you so much are looking for.

Your life is the result of the alchemy of spirit and matter. The Astrology Tarot is the language of this interaction.

Understanding the mysteries of your unconscious mind is the key to self-realization.

When you learn to connect with your unconscious, you find your authenticity, your essence. You become less dependent on external factors. Above all, you begin to follow your own path.

You are much more than what you know about yourself; for alchemists, you are the set of past lives, plus your in-utero and childhood experiences you carry within you. And with the Tarot, you begin to dialogue with your inner world.

The cards guide you to experience the astrological archetypes that are within you. The Tarot shows you each archetypes you are experiencing at this moment.

Consequently, by understanding the meaning of each card, you can unblock areas of your life.

The Tarot cards are archetypal energies that are within us. Therefore, when you understand the cards, you know yourself.

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Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe
and God.

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

How the Tarot Reading Works

The 120 minutes Alchemy Tarot session is divided into 4 steps
that you and I will work together live in a Zoom call:

Step 1

Chatting about your life

We will talk about the various areas of your life, and I will ask questions related to your personality and the energy of the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. This step is crucial to understanding how you see yourself. It's your rational mind speaking!

Step 2

The 4 Elements Tarot Reading

I will ask you to choose 4 cards to check how ready your unconscious is to connect with the Tarot oracle. If your unconscious doesn't want to communicate with the Tarot, we will jump to step 4. It's your unconscious speaking!

Step 3

Astrology Tarot

You will be asked to choose one card for each zodiac house. The message I'll give you is defined through the relation of the card, the zodiac sign, and the corresponding Chakra. It's your unconscious interacting with the Infinite Intelligence (aka God)!

Step 4

Practical Solutions

The Tarot Oracle delivered the messages. I can immediately understand the vibration of your Chakras and how your full potential is being wasted. Consequently, we can discuss activities you can do to recover all energies you need.

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Reading Outcome

If we skipped step 3, remember that in Alchemy, everything is connected. Each Chakra is also related to one of the 4 elements. I can detect your weakest one and also discuss activities you can do to recover all energies you need.

In both cases, I'll send your report, so you plan how you implement the suggestions in your daily life. Strengthening your weakest Chakra will help you use the other Chakras more efficiently. Above all, you will improve your quality of life.

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About Roberto Elumina

Hi, I'm Roberto Elumina. Through Alchemy, I unlocked several traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs. Consequently, I found my life purpose and ways to live a fulfilling life.

After years of studying and practicing Alchemy in my own personal development, I specialized in Astrology Tarot readings. Because it tremendously enhanced and sped up my personal development journey. And I will be honored to share this Sacred Tool with you.

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As with any therapeutic modality, the information we share during the session is very personal. Therefore, you and I commit ourselves to not discussing any contents of therapy with a third party.

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