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About Astrology Tarot Readings

Can you predict the future with the Astrology Tarot Method?

No. The Astrology Tarot Method is not about fortune-telling or future predictions. It is a personal development tool. Consequently, it is all about the present moment. By comprehending your moment, you understand your past decisions and can create strategies to change your future.

Is this Tarot Methodology dangerous?

There are many misconceptions out there about tarot cards. Therefore, some religions banned its use. But as stated before, the Astrology Tarot Method is not about fortune-telling or future predictions. It's a personal development tool used in the Secret School of Alchemy for many centuries.

Although becoming obsessed with consulting the cards can have dire consequences. Likewise, a reading given by an unethical or inexperienced Tarot reader can be detrimental. So always check your tarot reader's code of ethics, and don't be afraid to ask them about their experience, reading style, or what they will/will not predict. The Astrology Tarot reading is transformative and empowering!

Who can have a tarot reading?

Anyone over 18 years of age or with one of your parent's consent. By booking a reading, you confirm that you are under those conditions.

Cancellations Policy

Can I cancel an appointment?

When you book your appointment, you are holding space on Elumina's calendar that is no longer available to another person. To respect your fellow human beings, please reschedule the meeting as soon as you know you will not be able to attend the appointment. Elumina will not refund if you cancel our session. Please make sure the service Elumina provides is something you want before you book and pay for the consultation.

A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is canceled. Also, when it's rescheduled less than 24 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when you miss an appointment without rescheduling. In either case, the appointment fee will not be refunded.

Can I reschedule the reading?

Yes. We kindly ask that you reschedule our meeting at least 24 hours in advance. To do so, use the Reschedule link provided in the email you received after your booking.

Case by Case

I want to establish a trusting relationship with you. Therefore I reserve the right to change the Rescheduling & Cancellation policy depending on the situation. Love and empathy are the foundations of our existence.

Payment methods

What kind of payments do you accept?

Elumina accepts all major credit cards. All payments are securely processed, and we do not store any payment-related data. Everything is processed through Stripe.

Is this site secure?

Your personal and credit card information security is paramount to Elumina, and I continue to invest in developing robust security systems.

This website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, creating a secure transaction area to enter your payment information. You can be sure that you have entered a safe space as a small padlock symbol will appear in your browser's address bar.

Elumina also has secure firewall systems and daily scanning to ensure that any attempted intrusions are identified and blocked. We regularly engage with industry experts to seek the most up-to-date security advice. We are continually trying to improve our rigorous processes.

Do you have a code of ethics?


I treat all clients equally, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.


I will treat the information you give me as confidential and will not disclose it to anyone unless at their express request if ordered by a court or in a life-threatening situation.


My services do not substitute professional mental health services, nor should they ever take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other licensed professional. In these cases, I encourage you to seek the assistance of a relevant professional.


I will interpret your readings honestly and to the best of my ability. I will not impose information specifically asked not to be told or have advised not to explore. I will always strive to make readings as positive as possible, and I believe there is a silver lining to be found even in the worst situations. At the same time, I will not extenuate information for you. I will give as accurate and honest a reading as I possibly can.


I will not predict your future. I will not perform a reading specifically about a third party without that person's consent. I reserve the right to refuse to do such a reading even with permission. I also reserve the right to refuse a Tarot Reading if I believe the client is under 18 or does not have the capacity to consent to a reading.

Empowerment and Responsibility

I will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and decisions and always act according to your conscience. My goal is always to empower you to make positive and practical choices. You can affect the outcome of any reading and have free will to do so. I will never deliberately attempt to alarm or frighten you. I will not allow you to become overly dependent on my readings. I will not pressure you to purchase additional services.

Please also read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

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