10 sites you need for the most astonishing free stock photos

free stock photos sites

For a long time it was hard to find a decent source of free stock photos. Staged and kitsch images were normally making designer’s lives a bit difficult.

Luckily this fatigued scenario is changing and the web has some exciting places to find cool, creative images.

We chose 10 fundamental sites for a promising free stock photos hunting:

1. Gratisography

free stock photo sites
free stock photo sites

Quirky and creative images. Great source for interesting color palettes.

2. Unsplash

free stock photos sites
free stock photos sites

Minimal and detailed compositions and elegant color palettes. Great collection of architecture photography.

3. StockSnap

free stock-photos-sites

Some clean and symmetric compositions. Many options of nature and landscape images.

4. Epicantus

free stock photos sites 7
free stock photos sites 8

Well produced macros and muted palettes. Good site to find travel photography.

5. Picography

free stock photos sites 9
free stock photos sites 10

Dramatic color-worked photos. Great for urban landmarks and people photography.

6. Negative Space


Varied content and often a couple of different image options on one setting. Traditional but tasteful color palette. Good for when you’re looking for a specific angle.

7. Death to Stock


They have more like a photographers community going on, with freebies, blog posts, music playlists and photo packs that can be delivered to your email every month. Awesome if you want to engage with fellow creatives, promote your work and get cool photos directly sent to you. One has to subscribe to get their packs, though.

8. New Old Stock


Vintage photos from public archives. Amazing for the good ol’ones.

9. Freestocks


Still with a very stocky approach of images, but beautiful images. Go there to find photos of almost everything.

10. Life of Pix


Not-so-saturated feel-good photos from a bunch of different photographers. Great source of travel, urban and food photography.

Do you have any other unmissable free stock photos sites that we should check? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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We chose 10 fundamental sites for a promising free stock photos hunting. You don't ever have to deal with staged and kitsch free stock photos anymore!