3 Free Photoshop Tutorials That Will Make You Conquer Your Portraits

These are our very favorite 3 Free Photoshop Tutorials for portrait manipulation. Retouch, airbrush, and smooth skin, enhance eyes and make hair color pop!

This week we bring to you our 3 favorite Photoshop Tutorials for portraits enhancing.

We’ve been applying them in our last projects, and they’ve proven to be really helpful.

We often hear Designers saying they have some trouble editing photos in Photoshop – if they feature people, it might get even more challenging. For one to master natural-looking skin, hair, and eyes, well… It might take some practice.

With each new version of editing Softwares, it becomes easier to achieve a result with even fewer steps. That’s our goal, to optimize time, right?

Watch these 3 Free Photoshop Tutorials and get ready to rock your portrait game!

1.Retouch, Airbrush and Smooth Skin Photoshop Tutorial

2. Enhance Eyes and Change Eye Color

3. Make Hair Color Pop

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