The 33 Universal Principles for your Spiritual Awakening

The 33 Universal Principles for your Spiritual Awakening - image

Laws apply regardless of whether you are aware of them or not. For instance, if you park your car in a prohibited spot, you will be fined - whether or not you know it.

Cosmic laws are no different; they are constantly influencing your life. So it is better to know, respect, and use them in your favor.

These Universal Principles apply to any tradition, culture, or faith because they are rooted in the fabric of the Universe.

And if they are in the Universe, they are inside you. These laws can be accessed through your unconscious mind, which is why during this reading, many of them you will realize are part of your belief system.

An important note: your unconscious mind rules your life. So you must know how to access and work with it to achieve the prosperity you desire.

Did you know that for over 600 years, there has been a secret tool for this?

1. Principle of Oneness

It’s also known as the Law of Mentalism, which states that we are one. We are the sun, the moon, the earth, and all its inhabitants.

“The Universe is Mental – Held in the Mind of the All.” – The Kybalion.

Everything is created in One Mind, the Mind of the Source Energy, which we are experiencing. And It is experiencing life through us.

2. Principle of Free Will

We have the free will to make any decision we choose, and this is the greatest gift of God or the Universe. Because of this, we must never hinder the free will of others; doing so is preventing a gift from God.

3. The Principle of Subjectivity

Each of us lives a unique and subjective reality created by us in a contract we signed before coming to earth. Each of us is the god of our existence, a god with a small “g.” This means that we are the protagonist of the dream and the dream itself.

4. Law of Attraction

Also known as Law of Analogy or Principle of Harmony. Our reality reflects our thoughts, words, feelings, and behavior. Our energy travels to higher dimensions through choice and action, later manifested in this dimension.

5. The Principle of Transmutation

The higher vibrations consume and modify the lower ones. Choosing faith and surrendering over fear - generating growth. Everything exists and is created in the mind, so individual transformation results in a change of experience.

6. Principle of Neutralization

We can neutralize our present experience by applying the Transmutation Principle. Challenges and obstacles are only inferior vibrational illusions and can be canceled by generating a higher vibration.

7. Principle of Cause and Effect

Nothing happens by chance, everything has a cause, and for all causes, there is an effect. All choices and actions have consequences that we personally will experience at some level. We reap what we sow.

8. Principle of Surrender

Also known as the Law of Allowing: “What we resist persists.” Events are happening for our growth, and when we resist them, we only make things worse. Resistance is a fear that must be healed for our growth. By surrendering, we transform fear into faith.

9. Principle of Faith

As love is the only truth, fear is simply an illusion and can be transmuted through faith. Faith is unconditional love in action.

10. Principle of Vibration

Also known as the Law of Energy: “Nothing is still, everything moves, everything vibrates.” At a fundamental level, everything is energy, and consequently, everything is in constant vibration. Nothing is solid; everything is vibrating; solidity only exists through the observer’s perspective. Laziness and personal growth avoidance are against this principle. Hence, they cause many physical, mental, and emotional health problems.

11. Principle of Manifestation

Every idea begins as a thought and becomes a reality through action. Thoughts are the seeds of manifestation and require effort to sprout. So you can state that Behavior = Manifestation.

12. The Principle of Belief

Also known as the Law of Expectation. Everything we fully believe in our subconscious mind influences our thoughts, words, feelings, and, ultimately, our behavior. Our behavior creates our reality, so when we change our beliefs, we change our reality.

13. Principle of Polarity

The opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. Hot and cold are different degrees of temperature, while faith and justice are different degrees of love. Everything is the same, and our differences are only extremes of the same One Thing.

14. Principle of Rhythm

Everything swings in a rhythmic flow. After the day comes night. After the winter comes summer. Life has a series of ups and downs, and what goes up has to go down. When you experience colossal excitement, you’ll experience the same amount of depression. The secret is to make the pendulum swing less.

15. Principle of Action

Or the Law of Behavior. Behavior is the driving force behind manifestation, and actions are energy in motion that generates emotions. Emotions are experienced in the heart center and emit a much stronger vibration than thoughts and words alone.

16. Principle of Gestation

Everything has its own time to manifest. There is a gestation time for all manifestations, which is experienced as a “quantum delay” in manifestation.

17. Principle of Prosperity

This is the law of cause and effect applied to abundance. It’s based on how much energy we put into a project or endeavor. The more love we put into our initiatives, the more prosperity we will experience. It is also known as the Law of Divine Compensation.

18. Principle of Charity

This is the law of cause and effect applied to give to others. The more you give to your community and those around you, the more you receive.

19. Principle of Initiation

Or the Law of Relativity. Each person will receive a series of challenges and initiations to strengthen their inner light and align it with their life’s purpose.

20. Principle of Gender

Everything has its male and female principles (Yin Yang). The All or God is expressed in various degrees of gender with aspects of each. Binary gender exists only as an archetype.

21. Principle of Fellowship

The energetic result is exponential when working with others towards a common goal. Communion becomes more than the sum of its parts.

22. The Principle of Infinite Evolution

Our soul or essence evolves from a state of fear into love through reincarnation. Death is an illusion, and our essence will continue to grow towards a state of perfection to infinity. Similar to the Principle of Vibration.

23. The Principle of Wisdom

By obtaining wisdom, we can neutralize cycles of cause and effect. Wisdom is the highest vibration that consumes and transmutes all lower vibrations. On the other hand, ignorance is the cause of all evil.

24. The Principle of Correspondence

Or the Principle of Reflection. The traces you see in others are within you, and the state you know the world reflects your own internal state. You are everything, and everyone is experiencing itself as a reflection. What happens in the spiritual world manifests in the physical plane and vice-versa. Therefore, the Universe is your mirror.

As above, so below; as below, so above.” – The Kybalion.

25. Principle of Harmony

It is necessary to strive for balance and harmony with the Universe. This includes, for example, connection in the body through moderate diet and exercise. The extremes are inharmonious by nature and disturb the balance of the Universe.

26. Principle of Abundance

There is an abundance of all necessary and desired in the Universe. There can be no limitations because we live in our own subjective reality. Everything will be provided and can be achieved through the practice of faith.

27. The Principle of Discipline

When the discipline is applied to action, goals can be achieved quickly, and further evolution can occur. Discipline is the key to rapid growth and manifestation.

28. Principle of Alignment

Our behavior is aligned with the reality we will experience. We can manifest what we want by aligning our behavior with the desired experience.

29. Principle of Forgiveness

When we forgive others, we also forgive ourselves. Through forgiveness, we heal ourselves and approach a state of supreme love.

30. Principle of Flow

By practicing surrender and non-resistance, we access the divine flow of creation and experience ease in our manifestations.

31. The Principle of Grace

People who work for the common good will receive more than they deserve or have worked for. Grace is an exponential force that can neutralize cause and effect.

32. Principle of Healing

We can heal through mental techniques as we are an expression of the Wisdom of the Universe. We are healers by nature!

33. Principle of Animism

Everything in the Universe has its own fundamental perspective of consciousness, including plants and animals.

The Universal Law

Everything in the Universe is love. Love is the only truth; everything else is an illusion. Therefore, love is the only law!

Let the Magic Happen!

Special thanks to Ricky Godal.

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