7 simple reasons why every designer should have a blog

How having a blog will help you promote yourself and your work by bringing more people to your portfolio, attracting new clients and increasing profit.

Remember when the first blogs started to rise from the depths of the cable internet? Remember waiting for the wheezing sound to start digging onto stranger’s diaries, just because they were so raw and honest?

So yeah. Who would have thought that, fast forward 20 years, blogs would have become a huge part of the mainstream culture? And even crazier, raise their hands who ever imagined “blogger” rising to one of the hyped professions of the century.

“What does it has to do with my business, though?”, you might be thinking. “I’m a designer, not a writer.”

I hear you. But believe me when I say that writing a blog can be VERY rewarding to your business and I take liberty to go even further to say that it can actually be NECESSARY.

Here are the whys:

1.You’ll use your awesome original content to get noticed

By creating and publishing original content online, you increase the chance of getting your website seen. Different, interesting content will at some point, get attention. A blog, YOUR blog, allows you to post articles on any subject.

Did I mention that search engines are bunkers about new and frequent content? By publishing posts regularly and having non-stop updates, your website will rise to a higher position on search engine’s results lists. That will bring more people to your website, or your portfolio.

2. Show’em the yellow brick road leading to your portfolio / website

Although it’s very cool to have a beautiful website or portfolio with amazing work, it won’t be the same without them: the visitors.

That’s why you need a blog – it will increase the odds of gathering followers and for sure attract more traffic to your website. To help even more your website’s traffic boost, you should have social media buttons spread around your blog. So you’ll make it easier for visitors to share your stuff on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Instagram and other networks.

3. Find out your audience’s profile

It’s all a matter of trial and hit. Blogs carry a golden tool – the analytics. You create a varied content regularly, and thus gradually understand who your audience is, and what do they like to read. Focus on the most popular content, and you’ll keep your readers in an entertainment loop. Keep a comment area on your blog to participate in discussions.

There’s also another cool thing to do, once you have some followers: create a newsletter. For your email subscribers, you can send the latest news of the designer world, or specific tools and tips for your niche, or highlights of your favorite posts.

4. Open up your skills’ range

Remember when you first started playing with Photoshop? How hard was it to figure out the layers, tools, commands? Yeah, you’ve come a long way, right? The same will happen with blogging and writing, I guarantee. And when you reach the point where you’ll have a lot of experience with blogging, it may become not just a promotional resource, but a profitable one. You’ll be able to make money with your blog, or even write to other websites and get paid for it.

And you know what? You don’t have to put so much effort into writing if it’s not your thing. You can curate, research what’s new in the Design world and help people discover it.

5. Become a specialist in your niche

The internet is a vast world. You can and should take advantage of it to learn, to become an expert in what you’re doing. And this for sure will be the path you’ll walk up if you choose to write a blog. While teaching, we learn.

So then you can use your wisdom to become an influencer and have other Designers looking up at your amazing work. This, of course, opens a whole new range of possibilities. You can develop your own courses, work as a consultant, deliver talks. Designing is a business, as is freelancing, and blogging. As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing and shouting it to the world, you’ll gain recognition and naturally increase your revenue.

6. Create a brand

Branding is curating the image which people identify you in the society. The best (and cheapest) way to develop a strong brand is by creating a blog. It’s got all medias in it. You’ll have a face and a voice. Once you start to share useful tutorials, to give advice and offer excellent ideas, you’ll become a guru to your audience.

There are so many designers and bloggers out there. You ought to detach yourself from the crowd. So, promoting your brand is key. As more successful as your brand will get, more audience, sponsors, and writers it will attract.

7. Expand your connections in your niche

A blog is a community. And bloggers tend to organize themselves in communities as well, so they can help each other to boost their businesses. If you manage to develop a cool community, you’ll get help easier. You can team up with great contributors and writers, that will bring readers to your blog and help promote it, whilst also promoting themselves.

To blog is always to make new connections, either by starting conversations or by advising. If you collaborate with other bloggers, the opportunities will be infinite. Not only your blog will become more popular, but super cool stuff pop out when creative people meet work together.

So no matter how you look at it: if you plan to have a brand, having a blog will only bring benefits. It’s the best resource for promoting yourself, bringing more people to your website or portfolio, and naturally gaining new clients and increasing profit.

How having a blog will help you promote yourself and your work by bringing more people to your portfolio, attracting new clients and increasing profit.

Now, do you feel that you don’t have the time / willing to run a blog by yourself?

Or would you maybe wanna first give it a try and then see how it goes?

We would be very happy to give you feedback and even to publish your post! How would you like to contribute to an exciting and growing Design community?

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How having a blog will help you promote yourself and your work by bringing more people to your portfolio, attracting new clients and increasing profit.