How to smoothly transition your career into UX Design

Elumina: changing your career into UX Design

Changing your career is always a big challenge.

You might have heard that there are plenty of job opportunities for both UX and UI designers.

And now that you understand the difference between them, you are ready for the great shift.

Therefore, one more thing can help you to choose the right specialization.

The backgrounds that will help you transition to a new career are:

Changing your career from visual design:

Visual design is probably the field from which most UX and UI designers come.

It is a natural flow since these individuals can easily transition into interaction and interface design.

The disadvantage is that understanding technology and the software development life cycle may not always be the case for these folks.

To be a great UX’er, people with this background will need to understand that UX isn’t only art.

After all, it is functioning within technology constraints and scientific measurements.

Front end development:

If you are a front-end developer, you have been creating interfaces, and thus, you understand digital products.

As a result, you can be an excellent interaction designer.

Frontend develpers can quickly embrace user research and usability, becoming great UXers.


As I mentioned before UX is all about understanding the user’s goals, needs, and tasks.

As a psychologist, you already have some familiarity with people and the reasonings behind their actions.

The challenge is to come up to speed with technology and visual design awareness, to use their abilities for good in the UX world.

Library Sciences:

A tremendous asset in the world of information architecture and content strategy is the knowledge of library sciences.

The drawback is the same mentioned for psychologists.


Marketing isn’t really about selling products and services.

It is about understanding individuals and their perceptions and solving their problems.

The transition to UX Design is similar to the psychologist.

Apart from your background, to transition into the role of a UXer, you have to be:





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You are changing your career and might have heard that there are plenty of job opportunities for UX designers. Do you know which backgrounds can help you?