Base Chakra, according to Alchemy

Base Chakra, according to Alchemy

The Base Chakra, more commonly known as Root or Muladhara, is located in the perineum region and vibrates red color.

Most people who know about the Chakras think that they hold sacred knowledge from India, but what I see on the internet is a mix of this Hindu/ Tibetan knowledge with a dash of the 20th century New Age. 

I was initiated into the Tibetan Chakras knowledge, the Hindu school, and Alchemy many years ago. As a personal preference, I chose to delve into the studies of Alchemy.

I want to share what I have learned about the Base Chakra at Paracelsus Alchemical School.

The Base Chakra

Although the 1st Chakra is better known as Root or Muladhara, it is the Base Chakra to alchemists.

As mentioned above, it is located in the perineum region and vibrates in red color.

It is our most profound connection to the center of the earth. Our primary energy source comes from the earth’s core. 

Therefore the Base Chakra is the portal that connects our body to this elemental energy.

When the Base Chakra energy flows in a balanced way, we access the “fire of willpower,” a force that propels us to seed new goals and purposes.

Contrary to what we find on the internet, the Base Chakra is connected to the element fire, whose main characteristics are: willpower, decision, and focus.

Survival Instinct

The Base Chakra primarily regulates our survival instinct. Many sources relate it to money, but money is more associated with the 3rd Chakra for alchemists.

If we place money in the 1st Chakra, we get stuck in survival mode. Of course, nowadays, money is our fundamental survival mechanism, but it is much more than that.

Money should be abundant enough to invest in our life’s purpose, to help the development of the world. Therefore, we should not relate our bank account to survival.


The primary function of anger is to ensure our survival. However, not just our physical survival. Anger also serves to place boundaries so that we live harmoniously in a community.

Anger is a helpful emotion to identify when someone is crossing our emotional boundaries. But we should not express it in its purest form. We should use emotional intelligence to express it in a non-aggressive way. We have to clarify to the intruder how we feel, trying to improve the relationship. This is what we call in Alchemy “sacred anger.”

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

― Ambrose Bierce


We all know how important sex is for humankind’s perpetuation. Above all, it is an integral part of our survival instinct, but not limited to that.

Sex is also vital to maintaining health; as a therapeutic agency, it has no equal. But we have to understand that sexuality is not sensuality. Sensuality is related to pleasure, is feminine energy — a 2nd Chakra force. Sexuality, however, is animal energy; it is more mechanical, masculine energy.

Above all, we should channel sexuality into something more profound. We can transmute sex to genius by switching the mind from thoughts of physical expression to a desire of doing, accomplishing, creating.

Family and Ancestry

Indeed, our parents play a fundamental role in our lives, affecting our Base Chakra. They give us DNA, in other words, the opportunity to experience life on this beautiful planet.

Even if you have been abandoned or have suffered many traumas caused by the kind of upbringing offered by your parents, you should be grateful to them.

However, we should be grateful to our parents and at the same time detach ourselves from them. In childhood, parents can strengthen us, but later, they cannot. We must take charge of our lives.

One who does not honor their parents does not feel grounded, doesn’t have true self-confidence. And who revere their parents too much do not move on, staying stuck in life.

Besides honoring our maternal and paternal lineage, we must also celebrate the natives who inhabited the country where we live, as well as the country where we were born.


Our home is synonymous with protection. Anyone who doesn’t feel a connection to the house they live in, even worse, lives with their parents as an adult or moves house constantly has serious problems grounding themselves to feel happy and secure.

Thus, one of the best investments you can make is buying a home, a place where you feel good. Build and cultivate your sanctuary.

Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.

― James Baldwin

Wall Art to Stimulate your Base Chakra

Gita: The Beginning, The End, The Middle - Sacred Geometry Wall Art - Elumina
Open-Hearted Cosmic Doll - Yin Yang Poster

Base Chakra: Dysfunction by Excess

When there is an accumulation of energy in the 1st Chakra, we get stuck to our more “animal” side and are guided only by survival instinct.

It is a fact that our instinct was one of our greatest allies in the early days of human existence, and it is thanks to it that we are here today.

However, as an evolved species, we no longer need to live exclusively by instinct.

Even so, some people today are still attached to basic instincts and are focused on their survival; they permanently live in a state of alert, worried about food shortages, afraid of being homeless or seeking sex in an uncontrolled way.

Sometimes people with these dysfunctions by excess can exhibit aggressive behavior frequently without being able to control their anger.

Examples of Base Chakra Excessive Behavior

  1. You start lots of projects accomplishing any of them. Choose carefully projects you are going to spend your energy on. Time and energy are limited.
  2. You take too many worked-up decisions. Develop more self-control to be able to make better decisions.
  3. You have an extreme need for sexual adventures or uncontrolled anger. Look for ways to “spend” some energy accumulated in the 1st Chakra with other activities such as physical activities.

Base Chakra: Dysfunction by Lack

When there is a lack of energy in the 1st Chakra, we feel powerless. It is even hard to get out of bed every day.

People with a lack of Base Chakra also have problems externalizing anger. They end up repressing this feeling for a long time.

Unlike people who have a lot of energy accumulated in the Base Chakra and may even end up exaggerating in self-defense, presenting aggressive behavior, people who lack this very energy sometimes end up being either physically or psychologically attacked.

It is also expected a lack of libido or a negative view of sexuality.

Examples of Lacking Behavior

  1. Difficulty waking up early. Commit to getting up earlier and activate your 1st Chakra energy by following nature’s biorhythms.
  2. You are a very passive person. Activate the “fire of the willpower” in you, sow new ideas that propel your purpose, and start acting.
  3. Repress anger and not express strong emotions. Practice releasing the strong emotions that you store; rage can also be sacred.

Other facts about the Base Chakra

  • Element: Fire
  • Elemental: Salamanders
  • Substance: Sulphur
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Ruling Planet: Moon
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I hope I have contributed to a deeper understanding of the importance of the Base Chakra in your life. Balance it and have a more prosperous life.

Let the magic happen!

* Special thanks to my alchemical masters Helio Couto and Stefano Gradi.