Can numbers lead us to a fulfilled life?

How numbers can lead us to a fulfilled life?

According to Wikipedia: a number is a mathematical object used to count, measure, and label.

It’s undeniable that numbers are essential in our daily lives. We learn how to deal with them very soon, and for many people, it’s one of the first words we utter. But can numbers help us to have a happier life?

Let me try to read your mind. Ommmm. You thought: if the number is positive, it has more than 5 digits, and it’s on my bank statement… yes!

Is there a deeper meaning behind numbers?

The great philosophers of antiquity venerated numbers and considered them the foundation of all other studies. Plato said:

Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge; it is knowledge itself.


Numerical symbolism is the universal language, the common language of the cosmos that explains the principles on which all life is based.

Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and daemons.


Through the study of numbers and geometry, Pythagoras shows us that life is not random and chaotic. He has demonstrated that unity, order, and harmony are behind every aspect of our reality. And we have more in common with nature, the cosmos, and each other than we could previously imagine.

In the writings of the old philosophers, there is common agreement that the true purpose of numbers is for investigating the universe.

John Michell

Fate or coincidence

Also, thanks to Pythagoras, we have the numerology system that assigns meanings to numbers. But numerology is only one side of the coin: numbers have received special meanings throughout history, religion, and cultural mythology. 

From the Far East to our own Western heritage, numbers have carried meanings for millennia. And in general, numbers have retained very similar purposes.

Let’s take the number 7. In ancient Egypt, it was considered the number of God. The Old Testament tells us that God rested and sanctified the 7th day. For Islamic, 7 is the number of heavens. In Japanese mythology, we find 7 Gods of Luck and for the Taoists 7 colors and 7 elements.


Ancient Egypt believed that numbers also contain consciousness.

Everything and everyone has consciousness because everything is the result of the Supreme Consciousness. In philosophy, this is called Idealism.

Idealism considers that reality is necessarily constituted mentally and emerges from an Infinite Mind. In contrast to materialism, Idealism affirms that consciousness is the origin and prerequisite of material phenomena.

This means that consciousness is the creator of physical reality. Everything, in fact, is permeated with consciousness on some level.

The numbers and synchronicity

Seeing repetitive numbers is a form of synchronicity – a phenomenon described by psychiatrist Carl Jung as:

A significant coincidence of two or more events in which something beyond probability is involved.

Carl Jung

In other words, synchronicity is much more than luck and chance. Synchronicity is messages of the Universe, which blossom in the unconscious mind and can surface towards the conscious mind as long as you are open to perceiving and analyzing these messages.

If you see the same number repeatedly, you need to explore the meaning that it’s bringing to you at that moment. Repetitive numbers, symbols, and words you keep hearing have enormous importance to your life.

Understanding this principle and exercising the intuition, we become guided by Infinite Love, where doubt and fear don’t exist. We can then move in harmony with the world around us and discover that our life progresses with more joy and grace. We find a balance between our thoughts, emotions, actions, and relationships. We start living in peace.

Numbers are the thoughts of God.

St. Augustine

This allows each of us to find a way to reach our highest potential. And that is the true meaning of life!

In the following articles, we will explore the cosmic archetypes represented by the numbers 1 to 10, referred to as Decade.

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