Can numbers lead us to a fulfilled life?

How numbers can lead us to a fulfilled life?

Let me try to read your mind. Ommmm. You thought: if the number is positive and has more than 5 digits, yes!

The great philosophers of antiquity venerated numbers above all and considered them the foundation of all other studies. Plato said:

Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge; it is knowledge itself.


Number symbolism is the universal language, the common language of the cosmos that explains the universal principles on which the universe and all life are based.

Through the study of numbers, we find out that unity, order, and harmony are universal principles.

We understand that life is not random and chaotic. Certain principles are behind every aspect of our reality, and that we have more in common with nature, the cosmos, and with each other than we could previously imagine. 

In the writings of the old philosophers, there is common agreement that the true purpose of numbers is for investigating the universe.

John Michell


In the esoteric current of knowledge, the numbers also symbolize universal principles concerning the movements of consciousness. Therefore, they say that they contain consciousness.

All contain consciousness because everything is the result of awareness.

In philosophy, this is called idealism.

Idealism is defined as a vision that emphasizes the central role of the spirit in the interpretation of experience. It considers that reality is necessarily mentally constituted, and it emerges from an Infinite Mind. 

This means that consciousness is the creator of physical reality. In fact, everything is permeated with consciousness on some level.


By understanding this, we can move in harmony with the universe and discover that our life progresses with more satisfaction and grace. We can find our thoughts, emotions, actions, and relationships to be more harmonious. We can find more peace, joy, and prosperity in all aspects of life.

This can lead to happier and more peaceful lives and allow each individual to find a way to reach their highest potential for the highest good. As human beings, this is the task that is placed upon us now.

Numbers are the thoughts of God.

St. Augustine

In the following articles, we will go deeper into the symbolism of the number, focusing specifically on the cosmic archetypes represented by the numbers 1 to 10, referred to as Decade.

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