9 Awesome costumes for designers to absolutely win Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas

The folks at The Design Team shared some ideas to take your trick-or-treating to the next level this year.

Check out their Halloween costumes for designers:

1. The queen of all colors.

Notorious RGB halloween costume for designers

2. Just pick one for a change.

Mood Board halloween costume for designers

3. You better own it. No wait, you aren’t a shareholder yet.

Stakeholder halloween costume for designers

4. Keep repeating the mantra: “Fast, Good and Cheap, don’t have to pick”.

The agile designer halloween costume for designers

5. Groove those information-processors and control systems.

Brain Storm halloween costume for designers

6. Gather your new wave of followers.

Brand Evangelista halloween costume for designers

7. Com’on people, YMCA is seriously outdated anyways.

CMYK halloween costume for designers

8. Shake-shake your skeleton.

Wireframe halloween costume for designers

9. Sometimes clichés do bring fortunes.

Futura halloween costume for designers

We thought that these costumes are so glorious that it would be a pity to wear them only once every year. So you should consider upgrading your next important meeting’s outfit.

Just sayin’.

(ok, ok, if you seriously want to impress, check out our picks for the best capsule wardrobes for ladies and gents designers.)

Some ideas to take your trick-or-treating to the next level this year shared by the folks at The Design Team. Unbelievably cool Halloween costumes for designers.
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