Exclusive freebie: Design service invoice template

Exclusive freebie: Design service invoice template

Oh, just a sec, bring in the fanfare of trumpets!

Today we present you an exclusive Freebie developed by the Elumina team: a super useful invoice template.

The design services invoice template can be used for a wide range of services or projects, such as logo design, marketing materials, website graphics, video graphics, infographics, T-shirts, product designs, social media graphics, corporate presentations, illustrations, and even web design.

Maybe you are not ready to set up an invoicing system through paid tools like Curdbee, Ballpark, or Freshbooks yet. That’s why we created this template for you to download, customize, and call yours.

We’ve all been there: designing an invoice from scratch can be really tiring. While an invoice should look simple, it has to contain all the details to avoid misunderstandings between you and your clients, and of course, so you get paid on time without stress.

This invoice template was mindfully created to contain all the information an invoice should have.

The template is highly customizable, and you can easily make it your own.

It features:

  • Where to place the payment (PayPal, bank wire)
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Penalty for late payment
  • Invoice number
  • Company logo
  • Both companies’ addresses
  • Your business bank account
  • Your contact info
  • Task description based on hourly rates
Exclusive freebie: Design service invoice template
* Creative Studio logo: designed by freepik.

Adobe Indesign version: CC 2015
Apple Pages version: 6.0.5
Paper size: A4
File Type: .indd – .pages
File Size: 1,3 Mb

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Want some more?

For more info on how to invoice your clients read our: Designer’s business guide – Anatomy of an invoice post.

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Oh just a sec, bring in the fanfare of trumpets! Download now for free this exclusive Freebie developed by Elumina: a super usefull invoice template containing all the information an invoice must have.