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The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana, but it is the only card with no number, and for this reason, it’s considered by many to be the card number 0.

The Fool doesn’t reside in any astrological house and is not ruled by any sign or planet. Another mystery about the Fool is that it doesn’t connect to you through any of the 7 Major Chakras.

I'm using the Marseille Tarot deck because it's the first Tarot that we know about, and it was brought to this planet by Nicolas Flamel in the 14th century. It's a tool of personal development used in the secret school of alchemy. If you have any prior experience with Tarot, I invite you to open your mind to a new way of interpreting the cards. Hopefully, this information will add up to your current knowledge.

The Fool resides in the center of the zodiac chart, in the region that alchemists call Flungiston. And he connects to you through the 8th Chakra.

8th Chakra? Yes, alchemists call the 8th Chakra the Angel Wings. The 8th Chakra is at the back of the 4th Chakra.

The Angel Wings connect you with all the astrological houses, and they are the reflection of your inner world.

Moreover, the Angel Wings connect you with your essence, your spirit.

Therefore, the Fool is the card of the spirit; more precisely, he is the Divine presence within you.

The Fool, your Divine presence

The Angel Wings are the beginning and the end of the cycles of life. The sum of these cycles represents the incarnational journey of your spirit. See how the Fool looks like a wanderer.

For alchemists, each life cycle lasts 7 years, so in the 8th year, you finish and start a new process. When you are in alignment with your spirit, each end of a cycle is a passage to a higher octave.

It’s like going up a music octave, the notes are the same, but the sound is different. It is your evolutionary spiral. By the way, the word octave comes from the number 8.

Notice that he carries a small bag. These are his past life experiences, and his bag is small because he only brought the essentials to this journey.

The Fool looks young, but he has a lot of experience. Have you ever met those wise young people? This has everything to do with past lives.

This card also means that knowledge is not only what you study in books or schools. When you connect to the Angel Wings, you can access the knowledge you have acquired in your past lives.

Wisdom is inside you. That’s why you learn some things very quickly, while others take longer.

The Fool and your inner child

The “dog” you see in the card represents your instincts; it’s your inner child.

The Fool knows that the inner child is his vehicle of expression in the matter. It’s the intermediary between his Divine presence and his journey on planet earth. That is why he is also the energy of purity.

But your inner child is like the dog. If you let the dog do what it wants, it will make a mess in your house. It needs to be trained and loved. Consequently, it will become your greatest ally.

To walk your evolutionary path, your inner child has to be happy. It becomes a psychological shadow whenever you suppress your child too much, even when it manifests itself incorrectly.

Your job is to guide the child, not suppress it. According to Jung’s analytical psychology, when your inner child understands that “bad” instinct, it becomes light, and behavior changes.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl G. Jung

Many people think that listening to their inner child is harmful. Because it often challenges their moral beliefs. And then, people quash the child’s desires, and you become a rational bitter adult stuck in life.

But when you understand that your child can be corrupted by primal instincts or limiting beliefs, you empathize with it and will guide it with love. The results will be extraordinary because your inner child only wants attention and love.

The Chariot (card number 7) is drawn by your inner child. The more positive energy your child has, the faster you move along the path of evolution.

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In this card, we see that the Fool is a warrior in a chariot drawn by two horses. These horses represent the strength of instinct. One is Yin, and the other is Yang; mother and father. And your inner child is these 2 horses.

Remember that the key to freedom is discipline. When your child is under your spirit control, you evolve.

Keywords: spirit, freedom, evolution, purity, happiness, will.

The Fool is not afraid of tomorrow; he has faith in life. He doesn’t need to accumulate anything but experiences.

He knows lack is a limiting belief; he is free. What do you need to be happy? What is your life’s mission?

Follow your purpose without fear and…

Let the magic happen!

Major Arcana Card Meanings Alchemy Tarot

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot represents the journey we all live. The card numbers are a logical sequence, and therefore I recommend that you study in the series from 0 to 21.

  1. Fool
  2. Magician
  3. High Priestess
  4. Empress
  5. Emperor
  6. Hierophant
  7. Lovers
  8. Chariot
  9. Justice
  10. Hermit
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Strength
  13. Hanged Man
  14. Death / Nameless
  15. Temperance
  16. Devil
  17. Tower
  18. Star
  19. Moon
  20. Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. World
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