Inspirational Bunch: A Bunch of Line Art Logo Designs

Fresh and inspiring line art logo designs - these examples are very beautiful uses of line art in Branding. Minimal, inspiring line art logo designs.

Now, look how fresh these line art logo designs are, people!

It seems these are times where everyone is trying to get back to the simple, to the essential, or cut the excesses. Naturally, it couldn’t be different in Design and Communications.

These logos and branding projects here show us that most times there is no need for hight embelishment, gradients, patterns; the whole company.

The one thing I learned in Design School that still resonates inside my head is: Less is more.

These examples are very inspiringly and more important, highly effective uses of line art in logo designs.

Liz Cantú Graphic Designer

Egg Shop NYC

Sam Baker Stylist

House of Ell Store

Minna May Logos

Chandra Jewelry Apparel

Loop Logo by Josf Román Barri

Tea Bar Branding

The Little Champions Logo

Amouria Jewelry

Tom Kirk Lighting

Sneaky Veg London

Anonymous Eaters Restaurant

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