The Judgment Card Meaning - Major Arcana - Ancient Alchemy Tarot

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The Judgment card lives in the 4th house and is ruled by Cancer, and the Judgment energy connects with you through the 1st Chakra.

I'm using the Marseille Tarot deck because it's the first Tarot that we know about, and it was brought to this planet by Nicolas Flamel in the 14th century. It's a tool of personal development used in the secret school of alchemy. If you have any prior experience with Tarot, I invite you to open your mind to a new way of interpreting the cards. Hopefully, this information will add up to your current knowledge.

Now that the Sun, Tarot card 19, has illuminated your shadows so that you see your truth, you have gained more wisdom to continue your soul journey.

Notice that in Tarot Card 20, the Judgment, the heavens open for the angel to make an announcement. This announcement may mean the birth of a new life purpose, but it is definitely the beginning of a new stage in your life.

Judgment: the beginning of a new stage

Being a Cancer card, the Judgment has to do with the family. Parents are grateful to heaven that you have gained wisdom and are rising to a more meaningful existence. Despite all their mistakes, most of our parents, deep down, just want to see us happy.

Judgment is a very positive card. The moment of cutting the umbilical cord is extraordinary because it is when the father and mother release their child into the world.

You have broken through the limitations of your family daily, depicted as the coffin, and listened to your inner calling. The Judgment is the call to start living your life mission, but you need to accept the call.

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.


Your spirit has chosen the time of your birth, even if you were born by c-section (Cesarean Section). At that moment, you received the mission you came here to accomplish.

Keywords: rebirth, calling, life mission, renewal, reckoning, awakening.

Don’t be afraid of being judged, and don’t judge others. Free yourself from your ego, and review your preconceptions. It’s time to be who you really are. Rise to a higher state, and accept your life’s purpose.

Don’t be ashamed and afraid. Allow your essence to be reborn, and…

Let the magic happen!

Major Arcana Card Meanings Alchemy Tarot

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot represents the journey we all live. The card numbers are a logical sequence, and therefore I recommend that you study in the series from 0 to 21.

  1. Fool
  2. Magician
  3. High Priestess
  4. Empress
  5. Emperor
  6. Hierophant
  7. Lovers
  8. Chariot
  9. Justice
  10. Hermit
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Strength
  13. Hanged Man
  14. Death / Nameless
  15. Temperance
  16. Devil
  17. Tower
  18. Star
  19. Moon
  20. Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. World
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