Navel Chakra and the Mercury Prison

Navel Chakra and the Mercury Prison

The 3rd Chakra, also known as Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra, is the Navel Chakra for alchemists. 

Located in the pit of the stomach, approximately 3 fingers above the navel, it vibrates in yellow.

The energy of this Chakra is connected to emotions and the ability to structure and realize your life’s purpose, mainly through work and money.

The Navel Chakra is also very connected to nutrition, in the sense of knowing how to give and receive from others in the right measure. Many people live in dysfunctional “giving and receiving” dynamics. Therefore, this is the learning you must acquire to balance the Navel Chakra.

Navel Chakra and the 3 Cubes

The theory of the 3 Cubes created by my Alchemy teacher Stefano Gradi relates to dealing with material possessions and relationships.

Silver Cube

People who find themselves trapped in the silver cube usually feel like victims of circumstances and don’t like to ask for help in any way. The leading cause of this behavior is the lack of unconditional love experienced in childhood and adolescence.

An example of people trapped in the silver cube is the Sugar Daddies. They pay for companionship, attention, and love because they don’t know how to receive love.

Another portion of silver cube prisoners believes in scarcity, always living in fear of lacking things. 

Some of them have a notion of their life’s purpose but cannot realize it because of this fear of scarcity and end up working just to pay the bills.

Gold Cube

In the Gold Cube are the dependent people, having no need to make an effort to live their lives.

An example of people trapped in the Gold Cube is Sugar Babies, who sell their companionship to other people.

Diamond Cube

After that, we find people that know how to dose “conditional” and “unconditional” relationships. They understand to give when needed and when to ask and receive as well.

These people channel their energy toward a purpose; this is the ideal behavior to thrive in life.

And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy.

Khalil Gibran

Navel Chakra: Work and Prosperity

We must learn that matter is only the means and not the end. Therefore, it is in the Navel Chakra that the energy of money must be concentrated.

It is crucial to work in an organized way directing money to build a purpose.

I have already mentioned that around the internet, money is in the 1st Chakra. Still, if we focus the money energy on the survival instinct, we vibrate lack.

Wall Art to Stimulate your Navel Chakra

Cosmic Egg Mandala - Sacred Geometry Poster
Aten - Akhenaten Sacred Geometry Poster
Discipline is Freedom Mandala - Sacred Geometry Wall Art

Dysfunction by Excessive Energy in the Navel Chakra

It is common for people with excess energy in the Navel Chakra not to accept help from others.

There is a greater tendency here for the person to seek to nurture and fulfill the needs of others, creating a web of dependence around them.

We need to be aware that creating umbilical bonds of dependency, both in the role of the one who nurtures and the one who is nurtured, disturbs our 3rd Chakra.

Examples of Excess behavior

  1. You help others too much, creating too many emotional and financial dependency bonds. Solution: Learn to use the dynamics of conditional giving. When you want to give and receive something in return, make a straightforward arrangement from the get-go.
  2. Work too much and end up enslaving yourself to money. Solution: Remember that the world will continue to function even without you. It is essential to take breaks and pauses. Don’t fall under the illusion that the only way to produce is by working. Rest and reflection can help you work better and more efficiently.

Dysfunction by Lack of Energy in the Navel Chakra

The lack of energy in the Third Chakra causes us to become emotionless, cold, dry, distant, and very attached to the idea of earning and preserving money.

Remember that money is neither a positive nor negative energy. It is just neutral energy of exchange.

Many people who lack energy in this Chakra also live in scarcity and feel very afraid. They usually seek emotional support in the false sense of security that money causes.

Examples of Lacking Behavior

  1. People who are afraid to invest the money in their purpose, preferring to invest in goods that bring a greater sense of security. Solution: It is vital to have an “emergency reserve,” but don’t focus all your energy on this, invest more in structuring your purpose.
  2. Living in scarcity and not asking for help, even in the most challenging scenarios. Solution: Also, learn the dynamic of receiving unconditionally, don’t let the pattern of scarcity and fear take over your emotions.

Other facts about the Navel Chakra

  • Element: Earth
  • Elemental: Gnomes
  • Substance: Sulphur
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Virgo
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
Wall Art as Personal Development Tool

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The Navel Chakra is fundamental for healthy relationships likewise to material resources for your life purpose.

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* Special thanks to my alchemical masters Hélio Couto and Stefano Gradi.