Product Packaging That Are Actually Perfect Gifts Themselves

Treat your eyes with these gorgeous, super cool product packaging examples and top up your inspiration when it comes to packaging design!

In times of upcycling, product packaging can worth gold!

Once in a while we stumble on a packaging design that can truly change one’s experience whistl consuming its delivered product. So we gathered some of the most mind-blowing, eye-feisting packagings out there.

We could think of cool ways of re-using some of them, some others we bet you’d be happy only to look at! If you are anything like me, you buy stuff for their awesome packaging, even at the grocery store.

Treat your delightful self with these gorgeous two-in-one goodnesses.

Mixville Macarons

You could use this beautiful Macaron packaging as a tea box!

Molocow Milk

I mean, how awesome is this? It’s a pity it’s only a concept packaging project, otherwise my kitchen would be already packed with bovine U.F.Os.

Wish Bubble Bath

This honeylicious beauty can be yours for $50 (hint: they also sell’em at Anthropology. Aham..!).

Paradise Gourmet Club Exotic Coffee Collection

Coffee. Collection. It didn’t need this absolutely stunning packaging, but still: we sure can enjoy it.

Day & Night Restaurant / Bar Concept Packaging

The duality between day restaurant and night bar is clearly expressed in this absolutely beautiful concept packaging process by Backbone Branding.

Ida Hillebjörk Design Shoe Box Student Packaging Concept

An ecologic student package concept we’d be happy to see becoming known by every shoe maker. No plastic bags, yes functionality.

Quartz Champagne Student Concept Project

Don’t know about you, but I would be super proud to arrive with this at any dinner party.

Pasta packaging by Tamura Design Studio

Am I the only one that invariably end up with enought-to-feed-an-army when cooking pasta for 2? I’m about to start a petition asking E-VE-RY pasta packaging to be of help. Yes. Please?

Coffee Bird Single Origin Packaging

More coffee. I don’t mind if you don’t.

Memory Stick Mix Tape Undercover Packaging

There’s a chance you don’t even know what this ugly gray packaging means. Google Cassette Tape, will you? 😛

SKINS Shoe Concept Package Design

A shoe box that becomes a super cool hangable utility case. Me want it.

Kif Kif Marijuana Student Concept Packaging

And finally, this optimized way to store and display your weed collection. 😉

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