Spleen Chakra the 2nd Chakra, according to Alchemy

Spleen Chakra the 2nd Chakra, according to Alchemy

The Spleen Chakra, also known as Sacral Chakra or Sanskrit name, Svadisthana, is our 2nd Chakra and is located about 3 fingers below the navel vibrating in Orange color.

According to alchemy, this energy center is responsible for our self-esteem, sensuality, identity, and magnetism.

We are an electric magnetic field. Even if we don’t recognize it, we constantly attract people and situations according to the frequency we vibrate.

Spleen Chakra & Personal Magnetism

Magnetism is in several dynamics of our day-to-day life. This magnetism can be perceived in sensuality and seduction, which has everything to do with the 2nd Chakra.

However, it is vital to distinguish between sensuality and sexuality. Sensuality is all about pleasure. While sexuality is the sexual act, a 1st Chakra energy.


When Spleen Chakra’s energy flows in balance, we acquire more awareness about our identity and the capacity to play several roles. We have self-esteem and confidence.

Those who do not have good self-esteem cannot manifest their talents. That is why self-esteem is not only physical appearance; it is also education and knowledge.

Therefore, having good self-esteem is fundamental to having the charisma to magnetize the right people into your life.


We all have a name, an ID number, but this is not enough to define us. Our identity is not just a name, a number, or a profession.

Most people end up choosing only one mask to build their identity, limiting themselves to only one possibility. Truth be told, we are much more than that.

We have the chance to play several roles during our journey. Knowing how to change masks allows us to live more harmoniously, adapting to even the most adverse circumstances.

I am infinite possibilities.


And most importantly, don’t wear masks that are not in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Wall Art to Stimulate your Spleen Chakra

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Big Bang Mandala - Sacred Geometry Poster
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Spleen Chakra: Dysfunction by Excess

People who accumulate energy in the 2nd Chakra become “needy,” seeking to attract things in an uncontrolled way, above all, things that are not aligned with their purpose.

Many people know their magnetism power (seduction) and use it to satisfy their ego desires and manipulate people and situations. Due to a strong desire to feel approved, they act just to feel recognized.

Examples of Excess behavior

  1. Always need to be the center of attention and use the power of seduction to manipulate people. Solution: focus on attracting only what you really need, things that bring you closer to your purpose; don’t be guided by ego.
  2. Wear the same “mask” all the time, playing a role that makes you feel recognized. Solution: change your mask according to the situation. Remember, we are infinite possibilities. We are parents, children, bosses, employees, students. We must know how to go through these roles harmoniously.

Dysfunction of the Spleen Chakra by Lack

When there is a lack of energy in the 2nd Chakra, it is difficult to use our talents.

The lack of energy in this Chakra also causes a person to lose their self-esteem. Affecting their ability to play essential roles in their own life.

Just as the Earth orbits around the Sun, it rotates around itself. We all play different roles during our lives, but it is essential to be aware that we should not only live as coadjuvants in the lives of others. It is necessary to empower ourselves to also be the protagonist.

Examples of Lack behavior

  1. Difficulty in manifesting your talents. Solution: stop underestimating your capabilities.
  2. Shyness and low self-esteem when it comes to expressing yourself in new situations. Solution: remember that the feeling of inadequacy, not being good enough, may just be an emotion from your childhood. Take it easy and try to better understand who you are. I created a free ebook with 22 Ideas to Increase Your Self-Confidence; download it and try some ideas.
  3. Difficulty in assuming a new identity for fear of not being accepted. Solution: authenticity is the best mask you can wear; be vulnerable, making your natural identity shine.

Other facts about the Spleen Chakra

  • Element: Fire + Earth
  • Elemental: Salamanders
  • Substance: Sulphur
  • Zodiac Signs: Gemini and Leo
  • Ruling Planet: Sun
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I hope I have contributed to a deeper understanding of the importance of the Spleen Chakra. Balance this Chakra to attract the best situations and relationships to your life.

Let the magic happen!

* Special thanks to my alchemical masters Hélio Couto and Stefano Gradi.