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The Strength card resides in the 6th house and is ruled by Virgo and the planet Mercury. The Strength energy connects with you through the 3rd Chakra.

I'm using the Marseille Tarot deck because it's the first Tarot that we know about, and it was brought to this planet by Nicolas Flamel in the 14th century. It's a tool of personal development used in the secret school of alchemy. If you have any prior experience with Tarot, I invite you to open your mind to a new way of interpreting the cards. Hopefully, this information will add up to your current knowledge.

Virgo is the zodiac sign of work, and those who know their purpose in life are not afraid to work. Work is one of the most critical areas of our life, and Tarot card number 11 feeds you with the energy of Sacred Work.

Strength to achieve your sacred goals

Sacred Work is nothing more than the realization of your life purpose. And that is why the woman is feeding a beast because holy work feeds your spirit, your true essence.

Work is the force that makes you evolve, and to succeed in your evolutionary process requires a lot of resilience and courage. For there are many challenges that come your way when you are living your true essence.

The first and most significant obstacle to living your true essence is within you. From your very first years of life, you are shaped by the limitation of separation, by a scarcity mentality. Everything you learn is stuck in duality: good-bad, right-wrong.

This worldview is engraved in your unconscious, and you act accordingly. Your mindset can radically affect the course of your life.

Research on mindset shows that how you think about yourself and the world around you can dramatically change how you learn, handle stress, and even how your immune system functions.

It also looks like she is fighting the beast. The beast represents the psychological shadows that stop you from living your true essence.

When you experience Strength, you know you are an unlimited being. You are awakened and fully living your inner power. She is the driving force for you to free yourself from those limitations.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

Strength, the Magician in action

Notice that Strength wears a hat similar to the Magician, card number 1 in the Tarot. Another curiosity is that Strength is card 11, twice the number 1.

So Strength is the Magician in action; it is the libido energy to work on your purpose. The Strength wears a hat, the infinite cycle. The cycle of life, the flow, the thriving. Going to work every day makes you evolve.

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Strength is the Magician in action.

Remember that the Magician possesses the sacred knowledge and knows how to make things flow? Well, it is with Strength that they put this knowledge into practice, so that life can flow.

Keywords: Work, Organization, Resilience, Internal Strength, Evolution.

Use Strength’s courage, resilience, and inner power to carry out your sacred work and…

Let the magic happen!

Major Arcana Card Meanings Alchemy Tarot

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot represents the journey we all live. The card numbers are a logical sequence, and therefore I recommend that you study in the series from 0 to 21.

  1. Fool
  2. Magician
  3. High Priestess
  4. Empress
  5. Emperor
  6. Hierophant
  7. Lovers
  8. Chariot
  9. Justice
  10. Hermit
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Strength
  13. Hanged Man
  14. Death / Nameless
  15. Temperance
  16. Devil
  17. Tower
  18. Star
  19. Moon
  20. Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. World
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An Alchemy personal development tool that transformed my life, and I'm sure it will do the same to you.

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