The Symbolism Behind the New Year

Once again, a new year is rising. It’s a period of celebration, reflection, and establishing new goals. I want to talk about the symbolism of the new year. What does it really mean? It is essential to know the symbolism of things, isn’t it? 

Our society has rituals. However, we pass through them without knowing what they mean. Most of us don’t know the meaning of celebrations like Christmas and the New Year. We usually celebrate them because our parents celebrated; they, in turn, celebrate because their grandparents celebrated. 

New year meaning

I will talk mainly about the Western New Year, based on 12 months calendar from January to December. For the Chinese, Indians, and many other cultures, the New Year is in another moment and has different symbolism.

But our celebration is based on the Greco-Roman fundamentals; it happens on the passage from December 31st to January 1st. It’s a ritual in honor of the god Janus.

Janus, in Roman mythology, is the god of beginnings, restarts, and endings. The god of transitions, decisions, and the moment of passage from the old to the new.

The month of January is called January because of Janus.

The Symbolism Behind the New Year

Roman mythology: Janus

Janus is represented as a two-sided figure. One that always looks back and another that looks forward. That is to say, one side is looking to the past, and the other is looking to the future.

In the transition between past and future is the present, the now.

Janus celebrates the past that it has lived without attachments and dives into the future without worries. It teaches us to look to the past without guilt, anguish, regrets, and pride. We simply have to be grateful for all our experiences that led us to be who we are!

Every event of life is symbolic; every moment has something to teach. Be grateful for the instructions life provides, and let’s open the door to the new year!

Our life begins now, not on the first day of the year or next Monday. We all say: next year I will start this, on the following Monday I’ll begin that. And we never begin.

Janus reveals that in the present lies our personal power. What we can do can only be done now.

Here and now

Now I invite everyone to light our shadows and forgive all we fear, all that we refused to live, everything we hate, all we do not accept.

When I throw light into my shadows, I reveal my true essence.

Only in the present moment, the new year starts. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this in January, June, or December, and what matters is that every day can be a new year.

Today we can change and make the transition to a new year, to a year of health, joy, love, wisdom. A year where we will be 100% focused on the present moment.

This is the symbolism that I bring you today. Reveal your essence, and let every day be a happy new year.

Let the magic happen!

"Have a Buddhaful day!" Mandala

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