Synchronicity: the Signs of Life

Synchronicity: the Signs of Life - Elumina

You are in a supermarket queue; all the other checkouts are faster than yours. You decide to change the line, and then your new queue stops. Have you ever been through this? And what happens?

You tend to think you are unlucky. But doesn’t this little event have a slightly deeper meaning? Isn’t life trying to tell you to be more patient?

We tend to complain a lot. We complain about a simple queue, losing money, getting sick, or losing people we love. 

The fact is that everything that happens to us is symbolic; we are not here by chance. However, we are very separated from intuitive thinking because we tend to be rational. 

It is challenging for us to seek other interpretation levels because it’s much easier to stop at the first level. Reflection takes time and energy.

Everything that happens in our lives has meaning. Life is symbolic and pedagogical. It teaches us all the time! For this reason, interpreting symbolism helps us to understand our own life better. 

This is the most beautiful thing that exists! When we develop a more symbolic, less rational mentality, we start to dialogue with life. Because life talks with us all the time.

Banalize or Sacralize

Ancient Greeks considered two ways of living: 

Sacralizing life is to interpret its symbolic meaning, always learning from the experiences.

While banalizing life is to think that everything happens by chance. Everything is luck and bad luck.

This is liberating! If you are here now, it’s because life wants to chat with you.

The more we learn to interpret the things that happen to us, the more we will understand our own life. 

Look back and remember a challenging moment you’ve gone through. Did it make you grow or not? This is the concept of destructive suffering and constructive suffering. 

Every time you were challenged, and it helped you grow, it’s incredibly valid. If everything you learned from it was worth it, you wouldn’t be who you are today. That is constructive suffering.

And if you look at an event you’ve been through and believe that it was only painful. It didn’t produce any learning; even worse, it turned into a trauma, that is, destructive suffering. 

And if you’ve been through any destructive suffering, rest assured that somehow life will put you again in a similar situation. 

Yes, life will give you a symbolic equivalent. Because you didn’t learn what you should have learned. It’s like repeating a school year. You’ll have to go through everything you’ve been through again.

So, learn from it, dialogue with life, evolve in consciousness. In life, everything passes, life is transitory, life is in motion. Things will inevitably change. We will meet people, we will lose people, we will conquer things, and we will lose things. We need to be prepared.

Synchronicity: the Signs of Life


Nothing is by chance. Everything is synchronicity. 

Synchronicity, in a simple way, is a coincidence that carries some meaning to your life. It’s triggered by apparently random events, provoking a change in your perception, a change in your thinking direction.

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.

Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a theme widely used by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Although it’s very well theorized by him, it’s not new. Philosophies, religions and ancient groups are dealing with this subject for thousands and thousands of years. 

Even Jung himself, who was passionate about the East’s ancestral wisdom, prefaced the first western edition of the book “I Ching.” A book that carries enormous wisdom, even more, it’s an oracle. An oracle is any tool or system that brings us knowledge from the Divine or some Divinity. Just like tarot. 

The cards that appear in a tarot reading are not random; they provide reflections on some aspect of your life. Not to mention numbers that repeatedly appear for you. If you learn to interpret them, they will bring great thoughts to your life.  

Synchronicity vs. Causality

Causality is simply a sequence of ordered events. For example, I think of a friend, I miss her, and I call her. That is a chain of events that came from me, from a single source.

On the other hand, synchronicity deals with a coincidence of events that do not have the same cause but connect with each other through meaning. For instance: I think of a friend, I miss her, and on the same day for no reason, she calls me. As if we were connected in a non-physical way.

There are other examples of synchronicity: you decided to buy an apartment. The building number is 9, and the apartment number is 33. Then at some point of the day, you make a purchase, and the total is $9.33.

Or you dreamed about a loved one, later, you get to know that what you had dreamed happened to him. 

In fact, synchronicity is the human being’s capacity to grasp a symbolic message from the Field of Consciousness, from God.

That’s tough to explain because our mind is all based on the logic of causality. We are taught to have linear thinking, where one thing can only happen if it has a cause. 

This idea hurts the most materialistic minds because it completely breaks the logic. How can something happen on purpose without having a real cause?

Therefore, synchronicity is an event that brings us clues to understand and reconcile the relationship between consciousness and matter between science and spirituality.        

These events show us there is no such thing as chance but rather a meticulously orchestrated cosmic order that is far above human understanding. The coolest of all is that these clues can help us solve various daily problems, can give us precious tips, and even help us choose the best paths for our lives.

Be Here Now

Synchronicities act like thermometers. The more you allow yourself to be in the present moment, the more synchronicities will appear in your life.

And then the more they happen, the more you ask yourself: are they happening more, or am I more attentive, present, and able to capture the signs of life?    

Understand that these moments are incredibly pedagogical. Realize that life is symbolic. It has a meaning; it talks to us all the time.

It’s up to you to participate in this conversation or not. You always have the option to live the life that is worth living. Involve yourself in the true meaning of life, the great universal laws, and what daily events have to tell you. 

Or live in mediocrity: be born, work, complain, retire, and die. Life is much more than that! 

We only lose what is transitory. The true consciousness is permanent. The awakening is permanent.


Special thanks to: Toa Heftiba and Jens Johnsson.

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