The Pandemic Blessing

The pandemic is a feast that life has given us so that we wake up to who we truly are.

I’ve been trying to refrain from news and discussions about the coronavirus. Of course, it has been impossible to fortify me against the different opinions about the quarantine imposed by governments around the world and the spread of covid-19.

Although I’ve been focusing more on my work than ever before, I ended up seeing many positive messages circulating through social networks. I was thrilled to know that many people are taking advantage of their free time to cook their own food, to connect with old friends, and to be closer to their children and partners.

Accept reality and learn from it

That’s my first lesson. We must accept this reality. This reality is being experienced collectively, it was created together, and now we have to learn from it.

A friend of mine called me, saying that he finally watched a documentary I recommended to him a long, long time ago.

The documentary is called “Century of the Self.” It shows how the Lehman Brothers in the 1920s and 30s invested massively in the work of Edward Bernays. A guy who preached that society no longer needed to be controlled by force, only the media and consumerism were needed to control us. But that’s a topic for another post.

By learning something new, my friend changed his point of view regarding his life, values, and even how he consumes information related to the covid-19 pandemic.

That's why I appreciate so much knowledge, it's always instrumental. Mainly at this moment, it's essential.

That’s why I appreciate so much knowledge, it’s always instrumental. Mainly at this moment, it’s essential. 

When we have more knowledge about ourselves, about each other, about reality as a whole, we can flow better with these waves that we call chaos.

From chaos to order

The chaotic situation that we are living in came from one place and goes to another. It will lead us to order, whether we like it or not, because chaos leads to order. Whaaaaat?

That’s what the Chaos Theory developed by the mathematician Edward Lorenz proves. Yes, the smallest change in an event will lead to a different result.

But, contrary to popular belief, the disorder does not mean confusion. Chaotic systems are characterized by their adaptation to change and, consequently, by their stability. 

Laws of chaos offer explanations for most natural phenomena, from the origin of the universe to the spread of a fire or the evolution of society. So why is humanity submerged in the deception of order?

It would be wiser to flow within these waves of chaos, right? This happens when we have internal order, an organized mind. 

Your thoughts become words; words become your actions; your actions become habits; your habits become your character; watch your character. It becomes your destiny.

Lao Tse

We may be in quarantine, enclosed, limited in our freedom, but we still have our inner freedom! 

We can think, study, meditate, love, and help people, even from a significant distance. And this freedom, my friend, no one can take away from us.

Where is the ancestral health knowledge?

Shifting the paradigm

This is when a holistic paradigm is most needed. If you believe only in matter, you believe in scarcity. You will assume that you are trapped inside, you will be afraid of lack of food, or lack of medical assistance, of losing someone you love.

Of course, the current situation demands caution. Indeed we have to follow the scientific instructions. We have to understand how to prevent contamination and how to proceed if we’re infected.

But science explains very little about the world we live in and who we are. Therefore, it’s not the owner of the truth, as many of us think.

We are much stiffer than this fear that some want us to feel. There are sick people, people died, but there is also an inner force within each of us called: the immune system.

This is a fantastic defense system, we just have to feed it with healthy food, move our bodies, and fill it with positive thoughts and feelings, that’s it! In return, it will do an incredible job protecting us against all diseases. So, strengthen your immune system!

What are you putting inside you? And what are you putting outside? Word of encouragement, of love, of compassion? Or are you creating more chaos? 

This is a fantastic time for us as individuals and as a collective to realize where we are. So if we don’t do this for ourselves, life is doing for us. Now we have time, now we have to review what we’re doing, how we are contributing to our society. 

Our society is a giant with clay feet. Where is the ancestral health knowledge? There is a lot of things that the ancients practiced to strengthen health, and we are losing this wisdom.

Now is the time

Use this extra time to study, there are many channels on the Internet with fantastic content, that will cheer you up.

All over the world, you can join groups that are combining positive vibratory forces, this is a big thing! These groups meditate and pray for those who are sick, died, or are well but in fear. We need to set an example for our children. If we panic now, what will happen? 

We need to be mature, especially spiritually. Many people seek spirituality lately, now it’s time for us to show what we’ve learned and what we already are.

So, trust yourself, trust your inner voice, your intuition will tell you exactly what option you should choose from now on. Are you going to choose the path of fear or love?

This is the feast that life has given us so that we, as a society and individuals, wake up. We need to wake up to who we truly are, we have tremendous power, but we are wasting this power on futility. It looks like we were given one more chance. And now? 

Are we going to take care of each other? Then I invite you to change your posture. If you fill like, research the truth. Try to do a daily exercise, and let’s stay connected.

Now is the time! Stay in peace, and I leave you with a big kiss!

A big thanks to Unsplash photographers: Wei Ding, Sincerely Media, Steve Johnson, Stefan Rodriguez, Sharon Mccutcheon.

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