What’s the difference between you and the successful?

Successful people

We have all conceived projects that never materialized. Whether it’s starting a business, writing a book, or only losing weight. I have a list of 15 unrealized projects 🙁

I read many books, take courses, go to meetups, and consequently get in touch with fantastic people I consider successful. It is inevitable to think:

What makes this person successful?

Maybe you haven’t used these words, but probably you’ve thought of something similar. While reading a biography, I asked this question again, but this time I had a revelation. I realized that it’s not about brains or muscles, capital, or ingenuity. On the contrary, it’s a question of doing!

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

It has often been the nature of business books and pop psychologists to make their millions with countless ramblings about the successful secret. 

Business book authors and pop psychologists to make their millions stating the outstanding qualities of successful people. In other words, they blame us for having wrong values and habits instead of showing us what really matters: Action!

I have a passion for reading biographies. There’s always been one element in common in all the biographies I’ve read: these people are crazy! When I say crazy, I mean that they put their goals above everything else.

Successful people

Successful people know their purpose in life

This is not true for all successful people, especially those who achieve purely financial success. But those people who change the world for the better do it because they have discovered what their life purpose is. 

And then it gets very hard not to take action. In fact, these people become superheroes. There are no obstacles that can stop them.

My life is my message

Mahatma Gandhi

All the great personalities in history were majestically flawed in one way – or in several. But they weren’t afraid, they kept acting towards success.

This is the decisive factor: doing what you have to do. There is no preparation, training, or self-improvement needed.

What would India be today if Gandhi simply thought he was too small to fight against the British empire?

Knowledge is power if put into practice

I do not write this to justify our bad habits and weaknesses. We should always strive to become better. 

I write this for people who are afraid to start acting and stay years and years preparing themselves until they are ready to begin their projects.

I often talk to people who continuously read self-help books, participate in numerous seminars, and always have a new course or technique.

But the truth is that these people are not happy, fulfilled, or successful. But these seminars and books make these people happy, don’t they? Yes, like cocaine makes a drug addict happy. The person thinks they’re doing something. But they are not doing anything!

We need to realize that it’s unnecessary to be totally organized, a refined speaker, or a flawless person.

While reading a book, we must take what we learn and apply it to real-life, working towards our goals. If not in our own dreams, but at least in something – anything!

As Charles F. Haanel wrote:

You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Charles F. Haanel

There are no real differences between successful people and us. The “difference” is that certain people do act. They act without fear until exhaustion. They can hit rock bottom and get back on their feet. The difference is:

Successful people know their flaws, but they just don’t care.

They’re not afraid of making mistakes! They just act! What are you waiting for?

Let the magic happen!

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What's the difference between you and the successful? We all want to be successful. What's necessary to achieve our goals: brains, muscles, capital, ingenuity? Here's what we found out.