Why Designers Love WordPress (And You Should Too)

8 reasons why wordpress hosting is the best free platform to create a website. From the easy interface to the huge variety of wordpress plugin: the best CMS

WordPress first started in 2003, and it began as a blogging platform. But by 2008 or so, it had evolved into a complete content management system. Fast forward 14 years and WordPress hosts some 75 million websites worldwide. This corresponds to 27.3% of all websites, as for May 2017. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of why everyone loves WP so much.

There are plenty of reasons why so many designers, web designers and business of all sizes choose WordPress as their preferred CMS and platform for websites’ building. Here are some:

1. Platform Advancement

WordPress was launched 14 years ago, and over time it has grown into a mature and reliable platform solution for websites’ building. It is ultimately bug-free, hence the increased amount of high-traffic websites being powered by WordPress.

Also increasing is the number of widely recognized brands using WP, such as CNN, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review, Boise State University, New York Times, Dole, Glad, Mercedes-Benz, Vogue, Library of Congress, government sites in the U.S. and Great Britain, and the U.S. military.

2. It’s Free (Open Source)

WP is free to use, for it is an open-source project. Meaning: clients and designers don’t need to include in their design fees any additional costs for CMS (Content Management System). Being free is one of the most important selling points used by the WordPress folks.

Even if you wish to pump up your advanced features with themes, plugins and other tools, there are many free or low-cost options available on the market. Although being free, the platform is frequently updated, easy to customize and extensively tested.

Why designers love WordPress and you should too

3. It’s SEO Optimised

WordPress offers a super effective search engine optimization tool already built-in, but there’s also a handful of additional plugins if you want to boost your website’s search engine performance.

Because it supports this variety of plugins and understands Google’s algorithm, websites powered by WordPress become SEO powerhouses.

4. Scale Adaptability and Wide Plugin Options

WordPress is a platform that allows your website to be an always-evolving machine, thanks to the ample supply of plugins that are available. Designers can build complete websites using more complex functionalities, that would otherwise need web development skills, without having to code them from scratch.

So then complex websites can come alive using a portion of the cost that would be necessary without WordPress.

The huge and still-growing library of plugins (around 40.000 only in the WordPress repository) is either free or lower-cost, meaning you can build a website faster and cheaper than if it were hand-coded.

8 reasons why wordpress hosting is the best free platform to create a website. From the easy interface to the huge variety of wordpress plugin: the best CMS

5. It’s Responsive

A “responsive site” means that it’s built to perform well across all devices used to access the Web. Websites that look good on desktops are awesome, but just so you know, more people now access the Web on mobile devices than on desktops.

Responsive sites are better for SEO. Google’s latest ranking methodology gives props to sites that perform well on mobile devices. You reach more people on more devices, and score higher in Google searches, thus adding reach and credibility to your brand.

WordPress helps with all this by supporting responsive themes – and if a given theme is not mobile-friendly, WordPress enables developers to change that without trashing the site.

6. WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

By using WordPress, you can put your editorial intelligence to real use. It already comes with built-in support for images, audio, and video content. There is also document or file management.

WordPress supports Embed Youtube videos, Instagram Photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio: just paste the URL in your post: easy as that.

7. WordPress Is Easy To Use

WP gives the developers and designers all the basics, so they don’t have to create from scratch every time. But still, the huge variety of themes are ready to be customized to the client’s liking.

One doesn’t have to be a developer or code-savvy to be able to put together a post, and the interface makes it easy for people to co-create posts.

WordPress is in its essence, easy to get started with, even if you’re a complete beginner. To create a perfectly functional website you don’t need any coding knowledge.

And if you’re not a beginner, WordPress is also for you: the admin dashboard is simple to navigate and WordPress is a powerful platform that will let you customize every aspect of your site.

8. There is a Colossal, Loving Community Offering Plenty of Support

Seriously, WordPress has a reputation for having a great support community. You can find support and Q&A forums in about every corner of the internet. There is also a strong WP ambassadors presence on Twitter, and developers creating new plugins and solutions as we speak.

Why designers love WordPress and you should too

Elumina’s Website is Also Powered By WordPress, And We Love It!

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8 reasons why wordpress hosting is the best free platform to create a website. From the easy interface to the huge variety of wordpress plugin: the best CMS