Devoted Designer Creates A Poster a Day For Each Day of The Year

There is something utterly admirable in do-it-everyday projects. The capability of keeping up with performing any daily routine has always been beyond my powers.

Texas-based designer Magdiel Lopez took self-commitment to another level when he challenged himself to create one poster for each day of the year. He started the A Poster a Day project last October and it’s been going strong.

The project’s posters have been spreading around the internet and the artist interacts with his followers on Social Media to gather ideas for his work.

What strikes me is hardly the pledge of conceiving artworks daily but the exceptional quality of said pieces. Did I mention that he takes advantage of many different techniques to enrichen his collection?

Here are some of the posters created by Magdiel: every single one reinforcing the belief that if one aims to achieve excellence, they’ve got to practice it daily.

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These stunningly creative Contemporary Embroidery Artworks will make your day!

Texas-based designer Magdiel Lopez creates one poster for each day of the year. A Poster a Day project features stunning art posters. Check it out!

Tatiana Bastos

The Content Pac-Man: Born and raised in Brasil, studied advertisement at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo. But from a small child knew to be taken head over feet by fine arts, illustration, and photography. For that reason, attended Panamericana School of Art and Design, also in Brazil, and then ventured to learn some more at The Art Students League of New York, in Manhattan. After years spending time traveling the globe and living on an inspiring island at the center of the blue Aegean Sea, in Greece, settled to be based on electric Berlin, Germany. Still a world traveler, healthy eater, art lover, diy do-er and a words-addict.


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