Design Must-Have Tools: Infographic Generators

This week’s Design Must Have Tools features three easy-to-use Infographic Generators.

Why Infographics?

Everything on the internet is happenning faster at every blink of an eye. To comunicate effectively, we need our awesome ideas and the information we have gathered so carefully to be:

  • More appealing
  • Easy to understand
  • Awaking people’s interest
  • Accessible
  • Memorable
  • Creative
  • Less boring

Infographics are essential for your content marketing strategy and also great to be used in your Bio or portfolio. Plus, people LOVE to share infographics.

And while it’s great to create them from scratch, sometimes we need time optimization.

So we made infographics on 3 different Infographic Generators to test them so you don’t have to:


  • Super simple to use, nice, minimal interface.
  • The icons are suggested and automatically added to the design as you type the text.
  • Different, quirky icons.
  • Creating an infographic with Adioma is very fast.


  • Not many layout options
  • The area designated for the title is a bit small. I had to change my title from: How to organize yourself to cook for a 3-course dinner party without exploding the kitchen” to “How to cook a 3-course dinner without exploding the kitchen” to then “Don’t explode the kitchen.” Well, probably better anyway. Infographics should be succint and direct, ey? 😉

Price: Free for the basic features, $39 for the Professional subscription and $299 for the Business subscription.

Free infographic generator tools


  • Lots of different layouts.
  • Possibility to paste link into icons or texts.
  • Grids that automatically help place your layout elements on the right place.
  • It also offers templates on posters, presentations, instagrams, and more.


  • It’s only really quick to create an infographic with Canva if one of the ready templates and its own icons are used.
  • There are not many free icons options. Most of them are paid.

Price: Free for the basic features, $12,95 for a monthly subscription, $9,95 for a yearly subscription.

Free infographic generator tools


  • As it has so many, MANY infographic templates divided by categories and complexity level, it asks you at the beginning what will you want to use your infographics for. As so, it curates templates that you might need.
  • Advanced edit tools. Almost everything can be personalized, as the icons and layouts are like vectors.
  • It generates also posters, promotional material, social media covers and poster templates.
  • Help chat available.
  • You can publish your infographic on their community to showcase your work.


  • A bit more complex to use.
  • To access many of the templates, one has to be subscribed to Professional or Business.
  • Doesn’t allow the PDF files to be saved or exported. It sas only after creating my infographic that I found it out. Not. Cool. I had to take screen shots and fix them in Photoshop. I mean, either don’t let free subscribers access certain layouts, or let them use it properly once they have access.
  • You have to publish your infographic on their community if you want to share it anywhere else.

Price: Free for the basic features, $19 a month for the Premium subscription and $49 for the Business one.

Free infographic generator tools

That’s it folks! We hope you enjoyed our super-informative infographs as much as we had making them! They were made after years of hard research. 😉

There is another tool you might wanna take a look: we selected 10 awesome free stock photos sources for you to have fun!

Infographics are a must-do these days. So we compared 3 infographic generators on our weekly series of graphic and web designing essential tools. Check it out!

Tatiana Bastos

The Content Pac-Man: Born and raised in Brasil, studied advertisement at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo. But from a small child knew to be taken head over feet by fine arts, illustration, and photography. For that reason, attended Panamericana School of Art and Design, also in Brazil, and then ventured to learn some more at The Art Students League of New York, in Manhattan. After years spending time traveling the globe and living on an inspiring island at the center of the blue Aegean Sea, in Greece, settled to be based on electric Berlin, Germany. Still a world traveler, healthy eater, art lover, diy do-er and a words-addict.


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