Inspirational Bunch: A bunch of Paper Art

We stumbled on Eiko Ojala‘s absolutely beautiful work and got inspired to put together this post with a bunch of out-of-this-world paper art.

This post also marks the start of the new series Inspirational Bunch, where we’ll curate related inspiration on diverse themes. Let us know if you have a theme in mind, and we’ll find you cool stuff.

Eiko Ojala

Estonian illustrator Eiko Ojala delivers a stunning sense of depth and texture into his illustration work, by carefully arranging layers of cut paper and shadows. The pieces are all finished digitally, but the artist often incorporates his own photos to achieve the desired effect. Eiko has already been nominated for the Young IIllustrator Award at Berlin’s Illustrative festival and continues to rock the illustration world.





















Charles Young

Artist and architect Charles Young is the genius behind a tiny moving paper world. It’s made up of 365 paper structures each mounted on a block of wood, or, occasionally, a potato.

Most have moving parts; bunting swaying in the wind, vehicles moving around, turbines and lifts in operation. He films each one doing its thing and uploads an animated GIF of the action. The models combine to form a single island city which Young hopes to exhibit.






Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is one of the most well-known of the contemporary designers working with paper art. She combines classic design principles to create beautiful and thought-provoking visual fusions. She recently illustrated a motion paper art video for an Issey Miyake Parfum campaign.




Pattern Matters by Siang Ching

Pattern Matters is a brilliant graphic design-based project exploring possible ways to augment the role of pattern. Siang Ching, the designer behind the idea, creates tangible paper infographics that demonstrates the way of how this design element of pattern can be adopted differently on various platforms in graphic design. The main objective of this project is to inspire designers to look at pattern in every possible angles, and to realize that pattern is not merely a decorating tool.















Orishiki Folded Clutch

And finally, the mother of all paper arts – the origami. Orishiki is a hybrid word composed of Ori, taken from Origami, Japanese paper-folding art, and Shiki taken from Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is large enough to wrap and transport goods and gifts, as well as wearing them as scarves. This geometric bag consists of a single piece of two dimensional structures, constructed of triangular segments which can be folded like origami, and can wrap things like furoshiki. There is also a prototype for a suitcase that unfolds completely and hangs from the closet.










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A carefully curated bunch of inspirational paper art featuring the absolutelly stunning work of the most well-known contemporary designers. Save now, enjoy it later!

Tatiana Bastos

The Content Pac-Man: Born and raised in Brasil, studied advertisement at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo. But from a small child knew to be taken head over feet by fine arts, illustration, and photography. For that reason, attended Panamericana School of Art and Design, also in Brazil, and then ventured to learn some more at The Art Students League of New York, in Manhattan. After years spending time traveling the globe and living on an inspiring island at the center of the blue Aegean Sea, in Greece, settled to be based on electric Berlin, Germany. Still a world traveler, healthy eater, art lover, diy do-er and a words-addict.


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