Inspirational Bunch: A Bunch of Scandinavian Independent Visual Designers

Today’s Inspirational Bunch brings a curated gallery featuring some of the work of modern Scandinavian independent visual designers.

Here are a few absolutely fine examples of today’s Nordic Design:

Peter Ørntoft

A Copenhagen based designer in the field of visual communication.

AIRTAME, with Brian Kyed

Guidebook to Sustainia

The idea academy

Road DNA

SHOK Nordic art photographers’ organization Branding

Måns Wikström

A designer and illustrator currently making a living in Stockholm.


Dripping Zebra

Hot Dog



Morning Birds

Rakel Tomas

“With graphic design you are reaching out, you are talking to people through images, typography and forms, without opening your mouth.” – Rakel is from Iceland.

Daniel Brokstad

A freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Stavanger, Norway.

39 days of Animated Type

How I see Things

Sinner’s Passing

Lervig Beer

Ambitious Man, Fenomenon – Album Art

Cover Image: Parallel | Darkness By Daniel Brokstad

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Tatiana Bastos

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