Our Story

Passion led us here

We are two designers with adoration for the secrets and patterns of the Universe. We also happen to love interior design.

Tatiana is a Set Designer for cinema and photoshoots. Roberto, a Graphic and Web Designer. And we both contemplate and study Archetypes and Sacred Geometry. We were electrified to learn that humans, as early as thousands of years ago, had already identified patterns in the Universe.

Patterns that are common in just everything: from micro-organisms, plants, animals. Until planets, and entire galaxies. The tool? Sacred Geometry. Ancient wisdom also propagated the idea of creating art not only for ornamental purposes but instead accrediting it for its own health and wealth.

Elumina Shop Story: Framed and unframed happy moments!
Elumina Shop - Our story: Framed and unframed ancient human wisdom

Lemons Into Lemonades

Then, well, unanticipatedly, a certain virus happened, and we saw ourselves without work. Thus, we decided to start The Elumina Shop. A project which we had been postponing for a long time. That we always wanted to do but, you know, time.

In the end, Mrs. Quarantine, to us, may have strangely been a blessing.

Our New Planet, Our New Us

To sum up, friends, we are two souls who feel that by transforming ourselves, we are transforming our surroundings. By changing our surroundings, we can reprogram our brains in a constant, self-improvement cycle. Positiveness and love messages are hidden in many lost cultures. Archetypes and Symbology are powerful, and so is our mind. Wonderful!

Then, that’s that. Elumina is a small project made by two people that are lucky to love what they do, and we do it with all of our hearts. And now, our dream is to bring it a little closer to you guys. Use this spiritual, primordial knowledge to craft beautiful things that beautify homes, offices, and spaces.

Enjoy life, stay safe, stay inspired!

Elumina Shop - our story: minimalist posters