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For most people, One is just a number. Western science also sees the number One in this light. For the Pythagoreans, it’s not just a numeral but a philosophical idea: it’s the Unity from each all thing that arises, and it’s the source of all numbers. Now you can hang this powerful archetype on your wall and experience the Universal Consciousness.

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When the Phytagorian cosmic egg ecloses, the One surfaces. One could say that the Zero recognizes itself as the One, Consciousness, Original Mind, First Cause, impersonal and unmanifested, the scenery of the periodic Universal Manifestation: the Phytagorian Monad.

A Monad signifies to be simple and indivisible, which constitutes in itself an essential image of the Universe.

The Hermetic texts mention Aton (god): the first mind that is hidden and therefore manifests itself everywhere. That is nothing that it is not, and it is the Unity contained in all the things.

For both the Phytagoric conceptions ith its roots in Egypt and the Greek Neoplatonic, the number One regenerates itself, as it is auto-sufficient. For which it is worth to associate it with divinity itself.

The Monad was also related to the Sun, which its central fire, and named as the “Nous,” the spiritual mind.

“Number as Archetype: One” is featured in our “Phytagorian School Collection.” Find out more about the sacred number One and place this poster art in your favorite environment to always remember the greatness of the Universe.

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