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The number three is a potent archetype. By intertwining three spheres colored with primary colors, we get all other colors of the spectrum. This poster art will be a statement piece in your space while helping you manifest your dreams.

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The number Three, or the Pythagorean School Triad, link up the opposites. It gives place to harmony, and so it has been equated to prudence, wisdom, and friendship.

The mathematical singularity of the number 3 relies on the fact that it is the only number that is equal to the sum of its inferiors (1+2=3). But at the same time, it is the single number in which the sum with its inferiors equals its product (1+2+3=1x2x3).

Of the dual emanation (Monad and Dyad, or One and Two, masculine and feminine beginnings) arises the 3: the number of the creation. Because the Universal material manifestation can’t happen without the Three. 3 dimensions.

Tao Te Ching expresses it with clarity when he says:

The Tao (Zero, cosmic egg) births the One.

The One births the Two.

The Two births the Three.

The Three births the All.

The 3 was compared to the Cosmic Soul, Anima Mundi, or World’s Universal Soul. It is the Cosmic Number (or the Cosmic Thought) of the material.

In the Unity, everything is contained in everything.

With the Dyad, or the Two, appears the activity and the receptiveness in the sense of the Absolute. With the 3, or the Triad, the activity and the receptiveness manifest themselves.

And because of this, the Three is considered the origin of all Manifestation.

“Number as Archetype: Three” is featured in our “Phytagorian School Collection.” Explore the meaning behind the sacred number Three and decorate your home with this minimalist poster art. It will help you manifest your dreams.

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Fine-art, acid-free paper. Thickness: 10.3 mil. Weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²). Giclée printing quality. Opacity: 94%


Made from renewable forest wood. Alder, semi-hardwood frame. 0.75” thick frame. Acrylite front protector. Lightweight.


Fluffy White



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  1. Elisa Bianchi (verified owner)

    I love posters that are decorative and at the same time, informative, good work. Not to mention the build quality

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