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Contrary to popular belief, the number Two doesn’t represent duality or separation. It represents the two creative principles of the Universe: positive and negative. Experience balance and peace by hanging this poster in your favorite wall.

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The number Two, or the Phytagorian Dyad, represents the movement, generation, change, extension, multiplication, sum. It is the pair formed by two beings or principles extremely bounded to one another.

The Dyad, or the Phytagorian number Two, is also independent, adventurous, daring, as it was the first one to separate from the One.

The number Two was also called “Rhea”, the mother of Zeus, considering it has common characteristics as her, and as nature: extension and fluidity.

The Pythagorean School also considered the name Dyad a synonym for the Moon because it admits more configurations than the other planets. It reduces itself in the middle, or it divides itself in Two.

In Numerology, the number Two relates to harmony, balance, consideration, and love. Also, because it means cooperation and peace, it vibrates many good things on the way.

Those who have Life Path numbers Two are seekers after harmony, with extreme sensitivity to other people and a desire to build the most solid relationships possible. Life Path Twos are also very socially and emotionally intelligent.

“Number as Archetype: Two” is featured in our “Phytagorian School Collection.” Explore the meaning behind the sacred number Two and decorate your home with this minimalist poster art. It will always remind you of the greatness of the Universe.

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Fine-art, acid-free paper. Thickness: 10.3 mil. Weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²). Giclée printing quality. Opacity: 94%


Made from renewable forest wood. Alder, semi-hardwood frame. 0.75” thick frame. Acrylite front protector. Lightweight.


Fluffy White




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