Minimalist Botanical Series

We thought that the best aesthetic to translate our Botanical Series to posters is the minimalist one line drawings. For the symbolism implicit in a continuous line that is nevertheless recurrent and could repeat itself beyond limits of time.

But also for the simplicity that it transmits, while holding a hidden elaboration.

Picasso’s One Line Series inspires our one line drawings.

Most of the ancient and modern cultures assign symbolic meaning to plants. Men have been studying their medicinal and spiritual benefits since the beginning of times.

We always urged to achieve the growth of the tree. For its sturdiness, the balance between high and low, and roots that give and take from the earth. The way it goes through every season, holding its ground, not mattering if it’s spare or blooming.

The flora shows us how, from a tiny, bare seed of potential, the self can come into existence. From it occurs continuous cycles of metabolism, multiplying, perishing, and self-renewal.

And so the plants are also a cosmos encircling refreshment, creativity, and initiation transcending space and time.

Flowers are the endorsement of spring. There is no better sign of renewal on the planet, of awakening, and rebirth. They are present in rituals all over the world as symbols of passion, beauty, perfection, purity, fertility, joy, and resurrection.

The image of trees and flowers are expressions of spiritual enlightenment, the integration of many forces of life, and the fructifying imagination essential to the symbolic process.