When you see through the eyes of the heart.

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Awaken Symbolism and Meaning

Eyes are the window to the soul. By looking at one’s eyes, you know how the person is feeling. To “see” is truly a gift.

While all our senses are important and play their own vital roles, our eyes allow us to earn a wide range of beauty. But, we can train our eyes to see more deeply.

For this, we need to open the eyes of our hearts. The third eye is infinite Light, while the heart chakra is infinite Consciousness.

Light and Consciousness are inseparable. We cannot separate the spiritual heart from the third eye; they are complements.

Integrate these two chakras and experience truth awareness.

This artwork is an ode to Carl Gustav Jung, one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen.

His discoveries have changed the world of psychology and the understanding of the human psyche. If they were really taken seriously, it would have changed the whole civilization.

This mandala print art inspiration came from a quote by Jung:

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Awaken Mandala Benefits:

This mandala is designed to enhance your Third Eye Chakra. It will:

  • Love for oneself and others
  • Deepens your intuition

How to Use this Mandala

In the first 21 days, sit comfortably in front of the mandala, breath deep, close your eyes, and intend a positive transformation to your life.

Open your eyes and focus on the mandala center for at least 5 minutes; try not to blink your eyes. While doing so, feel the energetic exchange of this mandala with your third eye until your heart chakra.

About the Artist

Roberto Simões is a free-thinker constantly deepening his studies on Platonic Idealism, Carl G. Jung’s analytical psychology, and the Pythagorean School’s sacred geometry.


Fine art, acid-free paper 192 g/m²



Enhanced Chakra


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