Big Bang

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When the creator recognizes itself, an incredible explosion of love and joy occurs.

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Big Bang Symbolism and Meaning

The hermetic texts attributed to Tot-Hermes tells us that God is the first mind. It creates itself.

The hermetic texts attributed to Tot-Hermes refer to God as Aten.

It is hidden, and yet It manifests Itself everywhere. There is nothing that It is not, despite not having a name because all names are Its name.

It is the unity that is in all things.

Big Bang Benefits:

This artwork was designed to enhance your Sacral Chakra. You will:

  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Have fun even with the most mundane tasks

How to Use this Mandala

In the first 21 days, sit comfortably in front of the Mandala, breath deep, close your eyes, and intend a positive transformation to your life.

Open your eyes and focus on the Mandala center for at least 5 minutes; try not to blink your eyes. While doing so, feel the energetic exchange of this Mandala with your Sacral Chakra.

The Power of Mandalas

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circle. The Mandala represents the connection between Man and the Universe, the circle of energy that keeps us alive, in peace, and in balance.

They are still used today as instruments of concentration to reach higher states of meditation, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism.

About the Artist

Roberto Simões is a free-thinker influenced by Platonic Idealism, Carl G. Jung’s analytical psychology, and the Pythagorean School’s sacred geometry.

Print only. Frame and hanging hardware not included.
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Fine art, acid-free paper 192 g/m²



Enhanced Chakra


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Height (cm)30,4845,72