Iris Flower – One-liner Poster

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The iris’ rainbow of many colors, linked to the rainbow, and eye, has brought many cultures to believe in its power as a messenger of faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration. Likewise, as a protector against evil spirits.

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Our One Line Drawing Posters are inspired by the Picasso One Line Art Drawing Series. Iris, in ancient Greece, was the messenger of the Gods of the Olymp. Her symbol was the rainbow of many colors, the bridge by which she traveled between heaven and earth with her divine messages. Also, the iris is what gives the eye its color.

Japan celebrates an Iris festival every May. Then, the flower is proudly displayed, and men and women wear irises in their hair; young men drink tea made from iris bulbs and bathe in waters in which irises have been floating, to ensure good health and virility.

Many cultures have iris to protect against disease and evil spirits.

The diverse, exquisite hues of “iris” reflected in flower, rainbow, and eye, represent in the alchemy the integration of all qualities in the philosopher’s Stone.

The show of many colors is an omen of the transcendent self, in which the many facets of the personality, once opposing each other, unite.

The iris flower symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.

“Iris Flower One-liner” is featured in our “Minimalist Botanical Series.” These minimalist botanical posters are all about mindful home improvement.

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Long-lasting matte archival paper 250 gsm / 110 lb.



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