Olive Tree – One-liner Poster

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Olive trees are essentially immortal – they forever renew themselves from their roots, resurrect after a fire and manage to grow back even if their tops and trunks decay. For this, the olive tree image is believed to bring abundance, wisdom, prosperity, and success.

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Our One Line Drawing Posters are inspired by the Picasso One Line Art Drawing Series. It also sustains itself in the dry, rocky soil where most of the other plants would never flourish. Able to grow and bear fruit in the land of the Mediterranean landscape to which is native, the olive tree conjures the resilience, regeneration, immortality, and fertility that establishes and succeeds.

The olive was the Tree of Life for the ancient Greeks and Romans, the biblical Hebrews, and the Muslims. The modern Greek weddings still feature a crown around the bride’s and groom’s head.

The ancient Minoans from the Bronze Age used its wood as their primary source for fire – both for warmth and cooking, because of the time it takes to burn completely.

Van Gogh painted the spirit of the olive tree, the twisted trunks that exist for centuries, even a thousand years or more, and their branches that over time are battered and twisted by the wind until they resemble waves on hillsides above hustling societies and ancient ruins.

The olive branch is a symbol of peace or victory, particularly regarding supplication to both the gods and persons in power.

“Olive Tree One-liner” is featured in our “Minimalist Botanical Series.” These minimalist botanical posters are all about mindful home improvement.

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