Wing of Power

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Eagle is a powerful archetype, it’s the chief over all the winged creatures. In Shamanism, the Eagle (or Condor) represents the Fourth Chakra located in the chest area and connected to our cardiovascular system. This poster will help you to look at things from a new and higher perspective.

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Eagles are beautiful animals. Many ancient civilizations saw the Eagle as a symbol of exceptional strength, leadership, and vision. No wonder it is used in several coats of arms around the world.

Eagles are lighter than they look, most of their weight is in the feathers. Their bones are much lighter than the bones of mammals.

In Shamanism, the Eagle represents the Heart Chakra located in the chest area and connected to our cardiovascular system. It’s where unconditional love and compassion reside.

The Heart Chakra unites the physical body with the soul. The eagle archetype helps to activate this area.

The archetypal force of the Eagle aids us in reconnecting with our visionary self, allowing us to fly with it to the highest mountains. Places where we often do not even dream of being. When the sun rises, the Eagle reminds us to fly above all, rising to gain a new perspective on life.

From up there, we can get a better overview of our life. The Eagle reminds us to live from our hearts, loving unconditionally. When we fly with the Eagle, we feel the currents of pure energy, releasing us from all ties.

The Heart Chakra is the central point, our core, our essence. This Chakra urges us to love unconditionally, which means to be fully conscious, awake, connected with the truth of our soul.

Every time you look at the “Wing of Power” poster, think that you are an exceptional person and that you can overcome all limits. Don’t accept the Status Quo, but instead become more than you believe you are capable of.

Warning: Avoid placing this poster in ambients where there is high competitively, or where someone in a higher professional position could see. The thing is that the archetypes work unconsciously. Therefore some people could feel challenged or defied by you. The Eagle is a potent archetype, but you should use it carefully.

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Fine-art, acid-free paper. Thickness: 10.3 mil. Weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²). Giclée printing quality. Opacity: 94%


Made from renewable forest wood. Alder, semi-hardwood frame. 0.75” thick frame. Acrylite front protector. Lightweight.


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