The uplifting video to watch if you want career fulfillment

On why you should be your only concurrent

One of our favorite places on the web, Swissmiss, just published a very eye-opening speech given by one of the most enlighten personalities of the inspirational corporative world, Simon Sinek. The speech is part of Swissmiss’ super cool initiative Creative Mornings – breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month, free of charge and open to anyone.

The uplifting video to watch if you want career fulfillment - Best-seller author Simon Sinek instructs us on how to understand the game we're playing, on this eye-opening speech on life and career fulfillment.

This friday video’s protagonist, Sinek, has been working hard to spread a movement that inspires people to do the things that inspire them. He teaches us very special lessons on career fulfillment.

Simon is also the author of the global bestseller “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” and on this video, delicately affirms that what the world is missing (and specially what we aren’t teaching to the younger generations) is empathy.

Empathy is the first criteria to being a good leader.

It’s about service to others, cause that is what it means to be humans.

Designers these days have the heavy responsibility to develop virtual stress-coping mechanisms – social media websites and apps. Sinek’s point is that Millennials are not being taught do deal with their real social lives, as they are growing up having full access to a highly addictive habit, which even injects people with dopamine: internet and virtual life. It’s clear that the importance of the designers and the creative industry is geometrically growing, as is the number of interactions we have daily and the time that we spend quickly consuming information and goods, just so we can have more and more. But how can we cope of all this overwhelming new world in a healthy, productive way?

Everything is instant gratification and the problem is too many people have applied that instant gratification to their careers and to their lives.

The speech also opens a discussion on how this unhealthy super-turbo speed that our lives’ path is suffering is leading us to forget that personal or professional, emotional or rational, life or career fulfillment is more of a journey than it is an immediate reward. He reminds us to focus on wanting amazing and not only fine lives and careers. To understand once and for all that our biggest concurrent is ourselves, and not someone else.

The joy comes, not from comparison; but from advancement.

What some of us freelancers already understood and some others will still be very benefitted by finding out, is that we need to play the infinite game. Not the finite, where we play, according to Simon, against known players, with fixed rules and certain time to cross the finishing line. In other words, not to play against others, is what Sinek begs us to realize, but that by trying to be our better versions day after day is what will make us master the infinite game of infinite personal and professional growing. And how, by wanting to see others rising as well, we can achieve true leadership.

Finite players work to beat the concurrence, infinite players work to be better than themselves.

Make sure to watch Simon Sinek’s speech. It really inspired us as freelance designers, to keep working on what we could be better and to keep on doing what we need. For sure a very human approach on business. After all, isn’t everybody’s dream, to live happily doing something that we love?

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

All quotes by Simon Sinek.

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And wrap up the vibe listening to this awesome curated playlist for happier work days.

Best-seller author Simon Sinek instructs us on how to understand the game we're playing, on this eye-opening speech on life and career fulfillment.

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